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    What I want: I'd like it so that when four players join the game, it randomly chooses teams and teleports the players to their side after a 30 second countdown. Players can still join at this time, up to 8 players. Then the game is on, and the objective is to kill the other team with all of the tnt. Once players die, they turn into spectators and get teleported to a specified area. Then once a team wins, everyone who is still in the game (or spectating) is teleported back to the lobby. Also make chests refill after the match and regenerate the map. Multiple arena support please! I hope that someone can make this plugin. I'd very much appreciate it!

    Commands: /tntwars setlobby (sets the lobby where players are teleported after.)
    /tntwars join (joins the queue)
    /tntwars leave (leaves the game and teleports to the lobby)
    /tntwars setspawn team red (sets the spawn for the red team)
    /tntwars setspawn team blue (sets the spawn for the blue team)
    /tntwars spectate (ARENA) (spectates the arena)
    /tntwars help (tells all the commands)
    And any that are necessary!

    When I'd like it by: Anytime! I'll wait 2 months if I have to! Just try not to take too long. :)

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