[TNT] Instant detonation when you place TNT! BOOM! [FORMATTED]

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    [tnt] Plugin category: [FUN] [MECH] [Grief Tool.. haha]

    [tnt] Suggested name: InstaTNT, BoomBomb, InstaBomb, Exploded

    [tnt] A bit about me: The server I own would like less lag. People complain 1000 tnt is placed then detonated. That causes big boi lag. So, the server crashed. I would like a plugin that instantly detonates tnt when placed.

    [tnt] What I want:
    I would like a plugin that instantly detonates tnt when placed.
    The TNT would not explode everything right when you place it. It will just do it's white flashing animation, then it will explode.
    That's why it's insta TNT.
    That's why 1000 tnt can't really go off at the same time, unless you have some kind of fast-place client.

    [tnt] Ideas for commands: None :)

    [tnt] Ideas for permissions:
    - instatnt.bypass = You revert to normal TNT placing. (Im using PEX)

    [tnt] When I'd like it by: As soon as you can :)

    [tnt] Similar plugin requests:
    Some code on TNT exploding
    Outdated plugin

    [tnt] Devs who might be interested in this: YOUUU

    [tnt] Anyone interested?

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