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    Version 1.18.2

    Allows players to Equip/Unequip Custom Prefixes


    - Opens a Chest Gui Displaying Available Tags
    (Tag Selections displays as paper)

    Click on the tag you would like to choose to display in chat
    Select it again to remove the tag from being displayed in chat

    Chat display:

    &aTag Successfully Equipped!

    &aTag Successfully Unequipped!
    /tag claim 1

    Allows the player to create ONE prefix tag

    /tag create (Tag here) (Also Can use Minecraft Color Codes)

    Creates the tag for the user to use. Option to Enable/Disable
    it appears in /tags

    &aTag Successfully Made!


    Displays the Amount of Tag Claims you have to use

    permissions: titletags.default


    /tagad (user) delete (tagname)

    Delete any tags that are inappropriate basically.

    /tagad giveclaim (user) (number here)

    Will give admins the ability to give tag claims to players

    /tagad removeclaim (user) (number here)

    Will give admins the ability to take tag claims from players

    /tagad edit (user) (tagname) (edit tagnamehere)

    Will allow admins to edit users tags

    Extra Information:

    Tags should have Grey Brackets
    Tags are specific to each individual so one persons tags cant
    be equipped by another person (unless they create the same tag)

    Special Characters should be disabled: &k &l &n &m
    Special Characters can be enabled through Config.

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