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    Hi guys so I would like to propose a new plugin:

    PLUGIN CATEGORY: Admin Tools

    Suggested Name: RoomTimer

    What I want: So I want a timer that sets a timing. For example,when u enter a room, the timer will countdown and teleports you out of the room once the time is up.

    Ideas For Commands: /room join -> Joins the room
    /room reload -> Reloads the plugin
    /room leave -> Leaves the room
    /room settimer <roomname> <time>
    /room set <roomname>

    Ideas For Permissions: room.join
    room.overlimit -> Allows you to go over the limited time
    room.create -> Allow access to /room set and /room settimer

    When I would like it by: Before XMAS please? Its part of an XMAS update

    Example of the config file:

    room co-ords: roomsanta
    room timer: roomsanta: 10s

    PS: Please also make it such that I can set a room using World Edit!

    Thanks in advance!
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