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    Hello! What I need is a plugin, similar to what citizens does, but not really the same.
    I need my players to be able to create clones of themselves (same health, same armor) at their position, that will act like a tamed wolf, and become aggro on whoever or whatever the player who created the clones attacks. The truly important part of the plugin, is the timer, the feature I need the most, I need to be able to set a certain amount of time that the clones can stay "alive" I guess, and when the
    pre-defined time is up, they despawn.

    Example command: /spawnclone [amount of clones] [time] [helditemID]

    Permissions: none, I would like any player to use the command.

    I know nothing of coding, so I'm not entirely sure how difficult this idea of mine would be to make, or if it is possible.. But I would appreciate any help with this, if you could lend a hand. I don't need the
    plugin immediately or anything, so if you can make this at all, take your time. :)
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    can i guess that it is for a naruto themed server?
    (with like, shadow clones?)

    oh, and if you still need it pm me about it, i'll try to do it

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    Yes it is, and I will.

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