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  1. Hey!

    I was searching for a plugin at the Bukkit plugins (plugins.bukkit.org) site but couldn't find one that was satisfying.

    What I am looking for is a plugin that will display a timed message every 15 minutes, really it should be customizable, but lets say 15 minutes for example containg a message and the real world time. So if I start playing at 21.05 (24 hour clock) the message should appear like this in-game:

    (Real world time 21.20): "You have been playing for 15 minutes. The time is 21.20"
    Then again 15 minutes later:
    (Real world time would now be 21.35): "You have been playing for 30 minutes. The time is 21.35"
    Again 15 minutes later:
    (Real world time would now be 21.50): "You have been playing for 45 minutes. The time is 21.50"
    And so on. Is there any plugin like this available?

    Could be very useful considering how time consuming Minecraft is. ;)
  2. I'm gonna go ahead and bump this. If there isn't any plugin like this out there, how difficult would it be to create one?
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    Maybe there is a plugin like this already, I don't know. I have most of the work done on it, just need to add a config file and clean a few things up. Also, a few things:

    I don't believe I can get player-specific time, only the time on the server.

    Currently will not send the message after reloading plugins(/reload), so players will need to reconnect to start receiving it again. I can add this functionality if necessary.
  4. I managed to do it using the plugins ConsoleScheduler and Ontime. ConsoleScheduler you can configure any way you like, I did it so that it show the real world time every 15 minutes and Ontime just shows your total playing time on the server; total this session, total today and total overall.
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    Hi, I'm author of the OnTime plugin and it will give you playing time stats as proof2006 says. I can add an option to display regular messages to players on their play time, but showing the real time may be a challenge since you can show the servers time, but this may not be the players real time as they could be in another time zone. I'll think about how to do this......

    Please visit the OnTime page and submit a ticket describing exactly what you would like.

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    there is a way to do an IP-based lookup per player, so you can store their timezone and display their time correctly... I saw a plugin working with this I think, but I definitely can't remember its name now :-P

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