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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by unimatrix, Jan 20, 2011.

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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    hey ,

    I kinda need a simple ticket system to check if my mods are actualy productive.

    how it could work :

    user1 has a problem and types /modreq <insert desc problem here>
    then it writes to a file : #id - question
    then it messages the groups called mods or admins ( or whatever ) : Support request #id created please solve it.
    then ofc the mod or admin helps the person and then types /closemod #id < response>
    then it writes to the file : #id - question - reply by ( user) (sollution)

    it would really help me better manage my mods so i know they are dooing anything. thx
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    sound like HelpTicket for hMod. Go see if it's being ported/has been ported.
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    yeah but helpticket doesnt log it i think. i need it writen in a format. and be able to see old requests from ingame ( if thats possible )
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    GeneReal has a basic version of this, with /helpop. Is that sort of what you are thinking of? If not, I'd be happy to expand it.
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    I might be interested in this to for my server.
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    wel yeah

    kinda of a ticket system where the server owner can keep track of who did what and what was solved and how it was solved. Cause now i cant say i know who does what and i got no logs of it unless the server log.
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    Sounds like HelpTicket for hMod indeed. An awesome plugin made by tkelly =)

    I've spoken to tkelly and it is confirmed that this plugin will be ported.
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    I'll get on to a temp version of this tonight, if it hasn't already been ported.
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    Yea, I'll be porting HelpTicket when I get a chance, hopefully this weekend :)

    And what do you mean by you need it to log it?

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