Threads being solved and no Tahging?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MrSparkzz, Nov 10, 2013.

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    Why is it that threads aren't being set to solved? There are so many threads that I could easily help out on (judging by the title), the only problem is, that when I open it up the problem is already solved. I'm not going to be the thread police, and go around telling everyone to set their threads to solved, but someone should... Maybe we all should!

    My problem with people not Tahging/Using the Reply button is that if they are in dire need of help, they wont receive it because the person helping them is not notified of the response. Also this can also pose problems if someone has already helped the OP to a certain point, then another dev comes in and has a totally different approach because the original person helping did not receive a Tahg or a direct Reply.

    I mean it's very simple to do both things.

    Setting Solved Status: Thread Tools > Edit Thread > Prefix [SOLVED]

    Tahging or Replying: These forums have made it very easy to preform this action.
    • If you wish to tahg someone, press the "Tahg" button under their post. It will automatically be added to wherever your cursor left off in the response box.
    • If you wish to reply to someone, press the "Reply" button under their post. It will put their message in the response box, from here you can either replace all the text with ~snip~ or cut the text down to only the important parts.
    My proposal: Whenever you help someone out and the problem has been fixed/dealt with, politely ask the OP to set the thread to solved. It'll make the forums a much nicer place for all of us :)

    As for Tahging or posting a comment on a thread. If your comment is directed at a certain member or more than one member, be sure to Tahg them or press the "Reply" button and snip or edit the text down to what you're actually responding to.

    I really hope this helps people!
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    Because people are stupid, and can't be bothered to take a couple of seconds to click a few buttons.
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    I try to do this, but as MysteryManX said, we could have everyone of the forums tell them to mark it as solved, but they won't. It takes too much time to navigate through 2 pages and click 10 buttons to help many people. :p
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    I'll mark stuff as solved if the OP has posted that it's solved. PM me a link to the thread. (preferably directly to the post saying solved.) :)
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    Jade - That offer might not be the best. ;) Prepare for a flooding of inbox messages. I'll keep that in mind if I ever need it. Thanks. :D
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    I hope there will be solved a lot more problems now.
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    So is this thread now solved? XD
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    Until you see the number of threads marked as solved go up exponentially, no, not really. On top of this, it isn't in a section where tags for threads aren't enabled.
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    I said that, not MysteryManX . He said that people are dumb and can't be bothered to click a few buttons.
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