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    READ ME FIRST! This is, for all intensive purposes, an adult plugin. If you don't feel comfortable about intimate topics, LEAVE NOW. If the thought of two people sleeping in the same bed disturbs you, then LEAVE NOW. It's for your own protection!

    Although I'm confident I'm barely skirting around rule 1 and might even incite hate because of this, I think this plugin is worth trying to get developed. It's meant to allow users to give buffs to other players, but it's mostly a roleplay element and a secondary income source for players in large cities that can't access resources easily.

    This is a pretty large request, so if you're confused or want me to elaborate more on something, feel free to tag me with a question. This is also me trying to figure out where this idea stands, and what needs to be worked on in my concept.

    Plugin category: Fun, Roleplay

    Suggested name: Consort For Hire

    What I want: For the sake of keeping this plugin from scarring little children and summoning a mountain of litigation, users must confirm they are over the age of 18. If they are under 18, they will recieve no notifications, nor will they be able to use any of the plugin's commands.

    This plugin would allow one to have 'intercourse' with another player. In order for intercourse to begin, or be requested, two users must be sharing a double bed. Using a command like /cfh req [position], a user may request the adjacent user to perform intercourse using the position they provide.

    The user may accept, or choose to charge a sum of money using /cfh accept [price]. If the user chooses to charge, then the requesting user has to confirm in order to pay it and follow through with performing intercourse. The seller is charged $10 for protection.

    Positions are like, for example, doggy style. A position is an unlockable, and refinable skill, so to speak. Let's say doggy style is the starter(First) position, levels up 5 times, and unlocks position B with 50 XP. The config for the style ladder and genders may look like this, and can be added to and modified as needed by the user:

    Genders: (May be modified to support custom genders)
    - Male
    - Female

    Doggy: (Name of position)
    Skip: (None) - Genders specified here will skip this part of the ladder and proceed to the next skill. This is used when a position is unusable by a certain gender)
    Duration: 60 (Time it takes for the session to be complete, both players must stay in the beds for the duration of the session or the money is refunded and no potion effects are administered)
    Seller-cooldown: 2000 (Cooldown applied, cannot offer any services after session until the cooldown is complete)
    Gender-combo: Female:male, male:male (female:male means that a male can have a session with a female and vice versa. male:male means a male can have a session with a male)
    Seller-effect: (Awarded to the seller of services)
    - SLOW:1 60 (Slowness 1 for 60 seconds)
    - CONFUSION:2 10 (Confusion 2 for 10 seconds)
    Buyer-effects: (Awarded to the buyer of someone's services)
    L5: DAMAGE_INCREASE:2 360, REGENERATION:1 30 (a session may offer more than one effect)
    Level-xp: (The amount of XP needed to unlock the level. Every time a method is used, a person gains one XP for the position they use.)
    L2: 10
    L3: 30
    L4: 60
    L5: 100
    Ladder-unlock: 50 (XP needed to allow someone to request the next service in the ladder.)
    Skip: Male
    Duration: 120
    Seller-cooldown: 4000
    Gender-combo: female:female
    - HUNGER:4 60
    - POISON:2 10
    L1: REGENERATION:1 180
    L2: REGENERATION:1 240
    L4: REGENERATION:1 360
    L2: 10
    L3: 30
    L4: 60
    L5: 100

    Ideas for commands:
    /cfh iamovertheageof18 - Allows a user to use this plugin
    /cfh iamundertheageof18 - Permanently blocks all messages from this plugin. disables /sitc iamovertheageof18
    /cfh gender (gender) - Sets your gender to (gender), Changing gender resets all skills
    /cfh gender list - Lists possible genders
    /cfh req list - Shows a list of all possible positions you can assume with the user adjacent to you.
    /cfh req (position) - Request position (position)
    /cfh charge (price) - Accept a position request for (price), if 0, then service is free.
    /cfh buy - After a seller gives a price, one may use this to buy the service
    /cfh positions (position) - Lists positions, if a specific position is specified, it's stats show up, including level effect.
    /cfh stats (player) - Shows the level of (player) in every position they have unlocked.
    /cfh set gender (player) (gender) - Sets the gender of (player) to (gender)
    /cfh set age (player) (over18/under18) - allow or disallow use of this plugin for (player)

    Ideas for permissions:
    sexinthecity.req.(position) - Allows a user to request position (position)
    sexinthecity.sell.(position) - Allows a user to sell use of position (position)
    sexinthecity.positions - Allows a user to list positions
    sexinthecity.allgender - Allows a user to be every gender
    sexinthecity.admin - Allows a user to use /sitc set gender and /sitc set gender
    When I'd like it by: July 31st(flexible)
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    My server drops you in the middle of a city at first, there's no teleporting and resources to make a living a far and few between. There is currently no way to actually make money in the city.
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    I am capable of filling this request. Please pm me with your Skype info and I will contact you. We can go from there!
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    I use AOL instant messager.
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    Nobody uses AOL.
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    Just shit myself laughing, thanks.
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    Hope you weren't laughing at the plugin request because I am very serious. o>o
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    rayblon Thats the first thing when you think about making money in a BLOCK game?
    That's actually very unsettling! Is playing Minecraft safe anylonger ?!?!?!
    Nah just kidding i just think it shouldn't be the first job in a city you should think of xD
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    How'd you guys find this?! xD

    I wanted it because there really isn't much else to be done in my cities. They're several thousand blocks in diameter and the true wilderness is 12 kilometers from spawn... They're staff built so you can't build stuff either. It's a safe occupation for those who are patient.

    Revising this plugin, will be done in a few hours,

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    I hope that this plugin hasnt been made private, and if it has been, a download link would be appreciated.
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    Yeah sorry. I never got around to this. Actually I forgot all about it.

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