This really needs to stop.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Nijikokun, Aug 3, 2011.

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    @SinZ yup, but that is what you get when you mimic craftbook and call it
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    Just adding my two cents.... I agree with Niji's extremely long rant. I'm pretty sure the feeling is unanimous!
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    I think we need something like Default Commands in Bukkit integrated(maybe not everything but much of the commands. Because:
    • it has included Multi World
    • Block damge controll(tnt creeper explosions and more)(=damage controll)
    Before I had discovered Default Commands, I had needed one plugin for multi world, one plugin for tnt and such things, one plugin for this and this!!
    now Default Command needs only permission system or so. lol
    What you think about this?? One plugin only and it has the commands of min.4 plugins
    I think this is a good start(good default command had taken other plugins the show but its all in one like!!!!)
    Hope you reply.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    @Einheitt11 – You're not the only one who thinks that way, but I think a large number of people on the forum disagree with this idea. There's a design philosophy which I believe quite a few developers here subscribe to, which basically amounts to "write a plugin to do just one thing, and do it well". For example, one plugin for teleporting, one plugin for spawning mobs, one plugin for chat enhancement (/away, /tell, colours, etc), one plugin for inventory management (/give, /take, etc). Reducing the focus of a plugin makes it easier to keep it high quality, whereas plugins like Essentials and DefaultCommands that try to stuff everything into one plugin will tend to be full of bugs due to the decreased focus.

    Thus, I prefer to have many plugins that do one thing than one plugin that does everything.
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    I agree with @Celtic Minstrel. One plugin to do one task. Keep it simple. Keep it bug free. If I want to be able to use 'warp' I won't want to install Essentials or DefaultCommands just to do this because they have things I don't need. I'd rather install a single plugin to do this.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Oh yeah, that's another reason; with a plugin with many features like Essentials, there may be some features you don't need or in fact don't even want at all.
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    Plus the fact that everyone who has problems with their server is using essentials it seems >.<
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    Right after i read this thread, I read about some other people doing things like it. X__X I saw a guy with the plugin dev. title asking how to use commands. I don't have the title, cause I code custom server plugins, and somehow, I find myself knowing more about the "Plugin Dev" people asking the questions.
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    That's more or less because most 'new server owners' jump right to Essentials, since it seems like the perfect answer to all of their problems. And when they find out running a server isn't as easy as most people think, sh*t hits the fan. At least that's the way I see it -- Could be wrong.
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    stop ranting about people making plugins that do the same thing as other ones do. I am a server admin and I hate when you want something for your server and you have a plugin that does everything you need but leaves out one thing that would make a huge difference. my plugin TNTcake does what many plugins do. stops tnt from blowing up...only it makes it more fun by turning it into cake. (creepers too) yes its the same as others but it makes it more fun and some people may like that over a boring vanishing TNT block. plugins are accepted because most plugins start small but that gives them something to work with. as they improve the plugin and start adding more and more to it it becomes a one of a kind plugin. wouldn't it have made more sense to find the actual plugin you were looking for instead of writing this post? will this change anything? has this changed anything? maybe if you told the makers of bukkit this instead of ranting to the community something may change. but this is just useless.
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    This thread is OLD. You're just going to cause arguments.
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    Thing is, they never build on it. That's what is so infuriating.
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