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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by itzphatemc, Jun 14, 2017.

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    I view a few older posts about this, and fixed general issues with this, but now I cant seem to find out where I went wrong? I went over the kits more than once, checked to see if they are properly spaced, how the enchants are named etc.
    But when I reload the config, and try doing one of the kits it says "That kit is improperly defined. Contact an administrator." the only 2 kits that work are Fireworks and Color.
    Here's the paste bin.

    Hopefully I can get the help I need :p A few of my players keep asking when I'm getting kits on the server.
    I'm so sorry if I'm blinded by simple little mistakes :p I'm not much a coder let alone know how to properly code.
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    If you install essentials X a improved versions of essentials you can use the /kitcreate command and it will take the items in you inventory and give you a link to the proper config code for the items

    Essentials X
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    This also happens with some items with enchants, lores or potions.
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    This might help
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