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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TomberWolf, Nov 26, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    We're providing an RPG server since 3 years.
    Now it's time to relaunch it because of updating, adding und removing stuff and changing the way the server goes.

    So... we're thinking of a new server concept.
    We're playing in an open world using MCMMO, Factions and some own written plugins and mods.
    Until now we had areas that were protected and parcels / claimed land for users.

    The rest of the world was free for building and mining.
    And in this point we're thinking about a change.

    How do you admins provide your RPG servers? Do you protect the world and just make the claimed areas free for building / mining or do you provide the world as it is with some protectet user areas?

    I'm unsure which way to go...

    Thanks for any hints... brainstorming... whatever.

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    I recommend the first one
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    I'd recommend letting players build on their own, of course with a protected spawn. It would provide an open and free experience, which not many RPG servers do.
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    I'm still unsure.
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    I'm making an RPG server and it's In progress. Not sure if I want to carry on though. It's Bosses with a rank up system and there is a plotme world. But it's pretty much about carrying on through different worlds that are bordered and choosing which bosses to fight until you reach the highest rank.
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    You could have a protected world, then a resource world.
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    I want to avoid a resource world
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