Theory why bukkit takes so long to update to 1.7.2

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by johnnywoof, Nov 3, 2013.


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    ya but what about the saying "may the best one win" bukkit is the best server mod out there so why not make it part of mojang?
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    I am starting to lose hope that it will be out before January 1, 2014.
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    I'm very new to Minecraft and really like the game especially the multi-player aspect. So much so I pulled the pin on funding a couple of servers for my gaming friends and we have a blast. In my short time with Minecraft I have gone through all the various update processes some good some bad.

    I managed to work out most issues on my own due to the large community support and mods available and I really do appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into Bukkit and everything else, Thank-you. I run on 1.64 and I am happy with that and with the white-listed players I have, I would have no issues running a 1.7x server without plugins at all. I am however in the minority and those running public servers depend on their plugins and mods to run them smoothly.

    What Mojang needs to do is stop ignoring their Customers and include this community's hard work into their product in order to obtain a polished multi-player experience. I think there are so many drastic changes to the code that even Mojang is scrambling to patch internally as evidenced by last weekend's 1.6x login folly.

    Mojang you need to look at co-operating with the huge fan base here and use it to help the people that matter the most, your customers. I saw the talk about a new API in the recent video but they need to hire more than three people and talk about it. * They have been talking about this since 2012?

    To the Bukkit Team I understand what you all have to go through and have no issues with waiting for or even receiving an update. I am happy with what I have so far and if Mojang has messed things up so that no one can fix it but them, then its up to their Customers to complain to Mojang not Bukkit about their mod API.
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    I'm sorry, but I strongly believe it's minecraft's fault. In my opinion they update way to quickly. They should honestly instead of updating so much. Just wait a few months once they have a lot then release. Also honestly minecraft should give people like bukkit a head start. They are always way to quick to shoot the gun and they don't think about other things. Now yes minecraft works there buts off to give us a good experience. I understand that, but in my opinion they might need a bit more organization. Please don't start ranting about this post. Or flaming. It's just my opinion. I believe we all have our own opinions.
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    xDarkBeast97 i do believe that it will get worse. Applications tend to grow and if mojang is refactoring their code the way they do now and if they continue to push big changes instead of smaller ones projects like bukkit will have a hard time to adapt.


    If its not just a saying that they want to push the Mojang Modding API next year then we can expect that this problem will get serious at some point.

    A problem, at least in my opinion, only the community can fix.

    We bought minecraft, we trusted mojang to build us a better world, we demanded new features so we dont get bored we made Minecraft.

    I do believe that many of us did forget that and also this:

    Projects like bukkit or the antecessor contributed a great deal to make minecraft more popular. Without such projects minecraft would not be what it is right now. They would have had to spend a lot of time to please their customers. Time they could then not spend into programming.

    Take a look at the curseforge most downloaded page for bukkit plugins ... those monthly downloads are server owners who all have bought a minecraft account. I leave it to you to calculate how much money mojang would not have got if those plugins wheren't made.

    The playerbase of each server not taken into account. Also not taken into account advertising (Ads on websites or through viral marketing).

    There is a big machinery out there who does support mojang by providing hardware for minecraft servers which they now want to provide after how many years?

    Well before i get too angry about the current situation ..

    People are already shouting
    * You (Bukkit) are too slow in giving us 1.7.x
    * Mojang does push too many changes in one commit

    Think again ... What is the real problem heare? Remember Mojang does want to create their own Modding API ...

    And as long as Mojang does not give other APIs like bukkit their active support by providing the sourcecode for example or portions of it i do see that we will get such problems each time mojang pushes big changes.

    So either we continue to shout at each other which will probably lead into chaos at some point or we do something about it.

    Can we do something about it? Yes! Don't blame bukkit they invest a great deal of their free time to get out a working version as fast as they can.

    Let Mojang hear your thoughts! Let them hear "We want to choose what modding community we want to support"

    You could do that on their facebook page ( ) or by contacting them via twitter ( )
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