Theory why bukkit takes so long to update to 1.7.2

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by johnnywoof, Nov 3, 2013.


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    Yeh...thats one of the things you get when you do something dont get paid...but that doesnt mean that volunteer work sometimes isnt necessary or is needed withing a certain timespan.
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    i am sorry to be rude in the post but if you guys cant get it through your giant brick heads that by responding to your little idiotic complaints that bukkit is taking too long to update. you are just increasing the time it takes to develop and code the 1.7.2 craftbukkit for your enjoyment. and you tell me how many times has bukkit let you down?
    most of you will not respond to me because that answer is 0 and if you think that bukkit will let you down this time then your dead wrong. and yes i know that some of you run big servers that need this 1.7.2 update but you can be patient like i have read on some tweets and such that they changes thousands of code lines. ill put it in this example imagine this you wrote a 10000 line essay for school and you needed to redo about 5000 of those lines in just a couple days or people will get pissed off at you. imagine that x10 with about 400k people pissed off at you if you don't get it done in lets say... 3 days can you get that many lines of an essay in 3 days i think not. and imagine 50000 lines in 3 days even if you had a team of 10-20 people you cant get that done in time and if you mess up one part of it then you have to break it down and find it and and try to fix it and possibly redo it all.
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    Fan boy rage versus impatient rage. Its like when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object, every time.
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    Guy's i really don't know why you are still talking about this because really it's just because they have to rearrange
    all the code JUST like everyone else is saying. Also just like you hear all the time STOP ASKING WHEN A BUILD IS GOING TO COME OUT the sooner you stop asking all of that stuff the sooner they get it out because they don't have to answer all your questions.
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    Sometimes people just need to vent man, on both sides of any aisle. Just let people get off their chest what they want to. Otherwise you're trying to trap a hurricane in a bottle.
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    I guess your right but still...
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    The best outcome when people are kind of grouping into two camps in a forum fight like this is for each side to at least understand the other's position more so than when they started. Sometimes a little heated argument helps get there more quickly. Just as the Bukkit team expects their "fans" to be understanding of their position, the Bukkit team needs to reciprocate that level of understanding. That's why I post in stressful times like this, personally, and I guess I hope others do the same. We're all under pressure in our own ways, we all want the same outcome...we sometimes disagree with the manner in which it's happening. Let it all out, I say, so that we can all feel better and move on that much sooner, lol, rather than muted resentment from both parties.
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    Thanks to TnT for clearing it up a bit about the bukkit and Mojang team up. Unfortunately the details on the latest news concerning that tid bit don't seem to have as much headline news time as the original posting of "Officially Teaming Up...".

    Simply put, I can understand that it was a post stating the future of things to come, and that it will take some time to see the benefits. I can also understand your points on not wanting to disclose a daily or even bi-weekly progress report because of...

    1. Correctly assuming that many of us simply wouldn't understand the code and syntax that you are working on.
    2. That takes extra time away from actually doing the code
    3. Even with comprehension it can raise more questions that it is worth

    Ok, I get that :) See? So I ask this simply.

    As with any community, is the content really so complex that we can't at least see what's being built behind the fence once in a while? I might not know what the heck that big old spinny thing with 1000 wires in it is doing, but it's fun to watch it do it.
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    sadly i must agree...
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    I've enjoyed reading this conversation, mostly because it is a great distraction from actual work :), but I want to chime in a bit. First, I wanna say that I completely see everyone's point of view (except for those trying to rush Bukkit of course!) and I would also like to state that I am not familiar with coding or creating plugins etc... I am just a server owner who knows how to change the config to plugins and use commands. I may get some hate for being a server owner and not knowing how to code or whatever, but I am who I am so :p. I just wanna say that I strongly agree with mpmumau when he stated that server owners were losing players, and money, to the other servers with 1.7.2. Even though my server is not at the point of a large monthly payment, I can completely agree that it gets very scary when we lose players due to an update when we have no idea when we can get said update. I was lucky enough to have players smart enough to change their clients back to 1.6.4, but i also lost many players too, and who knows how many players we haven't gained due to still being 1.6.4? I also just wanna say, and this will get me tons of crap, but I think that the developers that work on Bukkit should absolutely be paid! It's a crime that these smart guys and gals are working SO HARD on these updates and the only thing they get in return are angry posts and the $5.00 donation in their PayPal every 2 months or so (i'm really not sure how much to be honest but I can guess that it's not that much). Maybe if they were paid to do this they could spend all of their time working on the updates instead of spending 6-10 hours of their day and night AFTER getting home from their actual job then these updates would come faster! I don't know how Bukkit could possibly pay they're staff, maybe premium plugins made by developers that require a monthly sub to download I don't know, I just don't know. This is just my 2 cents, and i know there's a ton of room for criticism in my post, but it's just whats on my mind!
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  11. Well, this is certainly the most impressive thread I've seen in a while...
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    msaunders It is very sad that bukkit devs are not getting paid. I would love to take these guys brains and combine them together. But seriously if you guys are going to keep complaining try to update it yourselfs. It takes time as many people have said. Their is not reason to go hulk rage quit. Just because of some time consuming process (no offense to bukkit devs or staff).
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    Oh man sorry I was not trying to complain at all! The last thing I would do is complain about something I cannot do myself! I hope I didn't convey a since of anger in my post I am 100% happy with waiting!
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    Like/comment if you gave bukkit atleast 1 cent as a donation BEFORE this post.
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    I was trying to stay out of this post, but it saddens me how many people are impatient. Mojang announced that there was over 500,000 lines of code. Now take that code and reverse engineer it to work for servers. Not so easy is it? Especially with thousands of people telling them to rush. Just give them time. They had a few of their major contributors leave to work for Mojang. You should be happy they are doing what they are doing for free.
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    What I read between the lines is that bukkit gets replaced with official Minecraft and all plugins have to be rewritten for Minecraft not bukkit. I might be reading too far between the lines... :)
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    That was the whole thing that confused me. Initially it sounded like some of Bukkit would be working alongside Mojang, not just moving over altogether. Not that I have ever been one to say "Release it naaauhhhhh!" but I was unfairly judging an aspect of their development prior to this thread.

    I new right away, seeing how many new things were in game, that it was going to be a big project to roll out a new update. I don't even code and seeing all the items and biomes I thought, ah geez, Bukkt be rollin' in their code :)

    Mad thanks and props to all Bukkit and yes even Mojang, I know we all like to gripe and moan about the same things but I am in there with the "Community and a Business" aspect. It gets nerve wracking but we still do it year after year. That in itself speaks volumes for the entire Bukkit/Mojang/Owners/Players repertoire.

    Thanks to all, and I shall be among many hitting F5 awaiting that day :)
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    Then I wasn't directing it towards your side of the ocean. So far it looks like you're on a lonely coast.
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    Can we all just agree that this post should be closed/locked?
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    Isn't EvilSteph employed at Mojang?
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    But in all seriousness, I'm sure they are working diligently on the update. I understand everyone's worries about their servers and communities, but fear not, as bukkit never has let us down before!
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    There is always the first time.
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    pilvimaa Do you really think Bukkit will let us down? :/
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    Ok bukkit team, very simple question, are you able to break this complete silence or not? If not i'm afraid you have convinced me you are incapable of running such a project.
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    If you've ever watched Iron Man 2... Minecraft is the Hammer robots. Bukkit is Mickey Rourke (Ivan Vanko) arriving, removing the head part and replacing all the interior.

    That's how I picture it. Lots of stuff to rework in this one, hence it's taking longer.

    Also need to note that they took awhile to get a 1.6 RB out because of reasons (I wasn't following that, I don't know the story).

    You're very funny. There's not even any server program out there working with it yet. MCP 1.7 isn't out. Forge 1.7 isn't out. If you think Bukkit is incompetent, just do the changes yourself. Your remarks don't provide anything.

    The only 1.7 servers currently running that I know off are using a 1.7 COMPATIBLE build. Which means they accept 1.7 clients but you can't use any of the new blocks.
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    • If you cannot have a public discussion without flaming, step back from the discussion.

    Wow really? Is bukkit for 1.7 not out yet? I did not know that at all! And the 1.7 servers who supposidly have 1.7 bukkit dont have it yet? What a weird coincidince to not have something that isnt released yet! Have you even read my post?
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    Indeed this. I've been hosting servers for about the same timeframe, so I can most certainly agree.
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    As much as I love seeing the 'impatient' people here, complaining that the Bukkit team don't do as they want, I for one think (and alot of others think) that it's about time this forum is locked. :)
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