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    The idea is fairly simple. There are two teams within a walled in space with a large sand wall in between the teams. Each team has survival mode and 20 minutes before the walls drops to collect and craft tools, weapons, forts, tnt cannons, etc. Once the wall drops, the teams fight until there is only 1 person left who dictates the winning team. The End.

    Now, the plugin will have to do this: the pre-game lobby would have 2 signs, one for each team. Players right click he sign for the team they want to be on. The sign should also display how many players are queued in each team. After 60 seconds, the players are teleported to they respective sides in the arena. 1 team gets Iron helmets, the other team gets Gold helmets. This helps players know who's friendly and who's not (it might also be nice if friendly-fire could be disabled). A message displays saying they have 20 minutes to build whatever before the wall drops. Every 5 minutes they get a warning of how much time is left, then when there is 5 minutes left they get a warning every minute, then after 1 minutes, 30 seconds, and at last, a countdown from 10 seconds. The wall then drops (made out of sand) so the plugin will have to trigger redstone connected to a row of pistons under the map. Ideally, when someone is killed, a message shows with how many kills they had before death. When players die, they are teleported to a spectator box. Donators who die should get invisibility and fly mode (and adventure mode so they can't grief the remaining players?). When the last player is alive, a message is shown for the remaining player and the winning team. Then everyone is teleported back to the lobby for 60 seconds before the next game. Within this time, the map needs to be reset. Not sure what the best way to do this is, but I thought maybe CoreProtect could be used for this.

    That's the idea. I would ideally host a server using this with 64 players, 32 on each team, and the map would be fairly large, but not too large so that players can hide forever. I think it would be very popular, and I hope someone thinks my idea is good, and makes this plugin.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Hmm, seems like that has the features I want. Too bad they don't have a release window. No telling how long it could take.
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    Click download Dev then Walls Beta 1
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    It sounds like that is pretty buggy though.
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    Another one? Ive been out for about three weeks and this is still being asked? np98765 what are you doing lad?
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    Wait, what?
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    "The Walls" type plugin, im sure has been asked before. I think about 3 - 5 times now.
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    True, but this is sort of a different idea that doesn't use "The Walls" by Hypixel.

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