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    Also i need help with finding a walls plugin... Should make this a list LOL


    /walls createarena - Select with a world guard wand
    /walls setspawn {arena number/next} {team}- Set the spawnpoint for a team
    /walls enable & /walls disable
    /vote {map number}
    /walls config {Mobs/Villager/CentreExploasion/Desc/Name} {true/false/text here}
    /walls kitsign {type} left click with a wooden axe to set a sign & a button to a kit
    /walls start - Admin start
    /walls config player min/max {number}
    /walls setlobby - Set Lobby Point
    /walls wallsfall - Set's the walls falling point
    /walls setspec - Sets specating lobby

    Chest refill automatically with your selected stuff

    walls.arena.create - Arena Create
    walls.arena.setspawn - Arena Setspawn
    walls.arena.enable - Arena Enable
    walls.arena.disable - Arena Disable - Arena Map Vote
    walls.config - Walls ingame config
    walls.kit.{kitname} - Walls kit
    walls.start - Walls Admin Start
    walls.specatate - Gives a player a special compass where you can to to players in the game and will teleport them to a specate lobby instead of spawn

    Right click a sign

    [line1] -blank- (Will say [Join/Waiting/Not Joinable/Restarting]
    [line2] Walls1 (Arena after walls)
    [line3] -blank- (Will say [Voting.../Map Name)
    [line4] 0/0/0/0 (Will say Players in Teams)

    Should Say:
    Walls 1 -

    if its blank its disabled

    When ingame:
    [Not Joinable]
    Walls1 -
    Skulburn Island 2

    You will spawn in a lobby where you can vote and do parkour until 2 minutes of voting has ended.

    Notifcations will be like this

    [TheWalls] Voting for a map will end in 1 Minute
    1. Summer Breeze | Votes 1
    2. Skulburn Island | Votes 2
    3. The Walls 1 | Votes 0

    Then at the end...

    [TheWalls] Voting has ended. The Map Skulburn Island will be played. 30 Seconds to select a team

    Then when that has ended...

    [TheWalls] Selecting a team has ended

    Will teleport all players to their spawn point and select classes and proceed as normal. Chest, Furnaces & Crafting Benches will lock automatically. A 5 Lock will apply if they have this perm --> walls.lock.5 or 10 if they have this --> walls.lock.10

    When it has ended it will take 30 seconds for it to be able to be joined again

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