The (unforeseeable?) Future of CraftBukkit...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by AdmiralMoose, Sep 18, 2014.

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    Hey guys.

    My name is AdmiralMoose. Today I would like to reach as many people as I can. We need to keep Bukkit alive. We need our good old friendly server software back. For this Bukkit needs help. A lot of help. So I propose to you comrades, fellow server administrators, that we team up and help the Bukkit project as best we individually can. I don't know the complete ins and outs of whats going on at the moment, other than that the downloads have been taken down due to an ex staff member (I think) filing a DMCA request against Bukkit and then a whole heap of staff resigning. Please, message me with the details so I can update my post. We need to unite, we need to show that we are a community of people who care about all that Bukkit stands for and aren't going to sit on our arses all day and wait for the inevitable. We need to change the inevitable, for the better. So I say we gather a community of developers, Beta testers and anyone else who wants to help (Including you, Steve) and we fight alongside Bukkit until the very end, when we 'Pick up the pieces and build a Lego (Or minecraft) house' (Quotes by Ed Sheeran :p)

    We are not a community of lazy couch potatoes and we will fight this battle and we will save Bukkit!


    P.S: Message this post URL to other Bukkiteers so we can get as many people as we can muster together!
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  2. Sorry to say but Sponge is the future.
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    I didn't know about Sponge :p As I say, I am not that knowledgeable
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    Bukkit is dead and will not be revived.
    Some of the many reasons:
    - Mojang (and soon Microsoft) owns Bukkit and I don't want to be a slave of either company
    - Craftbukkit contains a lot of code owned by Wolverness, and I doubt any slave is going to rewrite all of that code to "fix" the DMCA takedown.
  5. Lolmewn If you were a slave you wouldn't have been able to resign.
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    How much code are we talking? There are thousands of devs out there! Maybe a big pot should be created people can throw money into and hire a bunch of developers to rewrite this code.
    Or pay Wolverness off for the code.
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    Sigh... You know damn well what I mean.

    It appears he has made 119 commits / 15,717 ++ / 6,352 --
    That's a hell of a lot. That's to Bukkit, not to mention Craftbukkit (which I can't see because of the DMCA takedown).
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    It's not clear at this point that anything needs to be fixed to continue development and distribution of Bukkit and CraftBukkit. Wesley Wolfe (Wolvereness) has a right to assert his viewpoint, but there are others who may pursue their interests as well and we don't know who would prevail in a legal dispute. There are 137 other contributors to that code base and many others who took the open source license as valid and used the code elsewhere.

    His claim is that the net.minecraft.server code in CraftBukkit violates his rights, but he made 63 commits to that code in CraftBukkit over 30 months.

    I found the code and looked over Wolvereness' contributions to CraftBukkit. I wrote up my findings on Reddit here:


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    Wow. OK, thanks for that guys! So there isn't a problem we can 'Fix' as such, but why can't Bukkit just agree to change the code to something other than net.minecraft.*
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    That could be done, but it would take a lot of time to replace net.minecraft.server with something new.

    But since Mojang has never objected to the net.minecraft.server code in CraftBukkit, it is an open question why all that work would be necessary.
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    rcade But Wolvereness is complaining about that code aren't they?
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    Yes, but it remains to be seen whether you can win a copyright claim against code that you personally contributed to an open source project. During the 30 months Wolvereness was making contributions to CraftBukkit, he made 63 changes to net.minecraft.server code.

    Mojang's position, as explained here on Bukkit.Org by company COO Vu Bui, is that Wolvereness' legal claim is not valid. Bui wrote this:

    "Additionally, we believe that Wesley has no right to prevent the continued use of his contributions to the project – which he gave freely, knowing them to be subject to applicable open source licenses. We believe these licenses continue to bind all those who contributed to the Bukkit Project."
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