The Ultimate Guide to Permissions

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ImminentFate, Jun 11, 2012.


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    List of ur plugins plz
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    np, well im not sure if you could help me with permissionsEX cuz im tried that but everytime i tried a command just the list of commands came up, but my plugins are : chestshop, essentials, world edit, world guard, enjin minecraft plugin, and the permissions plugin (bpermissions or PermissionsEx which ever you can help me with)
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was having trouble with bPermissions, because before I had PEX, but I changed plugins, and this helped me so much.

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    could do add bukkit's default permissions
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    do u happen to have essentials antibuild?


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    My understanding is that, because of the syntax PEX uses, you have to negate commands first, or they will be allowed:

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    ah, thanks for the pickup!
    I'm not sure, but I think an update to PEX since i made the tutorial (around a year ago) would have made the change, unless i just failed to read at the time :p
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