The time of a plugin's last update (Suggestion)

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  1. Recently, I have been developing plugins and posting them in The time of a plugin's last update is the time that an author uploads a new file. The new files will not be shown when it is being approved by a moderator. I think that the time of a plugin's last update should be the time when a moderator approves a file, not when an author uploads a file.

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    Maybe a good idea, but why would your potential audience want to know the time of the release or acceptance of the plugin. I (speaking from my point of view) wouldn't even look at it.
    If you want to know that yourself, then I think Dev Staff send you a message ?
  3. Plugins get "bumped" when they are approved.

    I personally think that it would be more fair if users could see every plugin in the first page, not just new plugins.
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    Louis1234567890987654321 I agree, i even said that before here on the forum, but i doubt they will ever implement it.
  5. Thanks for your comment!
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    I've mentioned this too.
    Many times I've visited dev.bukkit to check for updates, first page is usually fine, until I hit the second or third page. I notice plugins that I know I didn't see the day before. Usually those that I use on my servers. It's quite annoying.
    The list should sort by when the update was accessible to players to download, or as put up above, when approved by the moderators.
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