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    This plugin is for "the race" a games plugin.

    If you have never seen this plugin in action before I Suggest you check out this yogscast video -

    You would create a general arena using world guard then each side of the arena and the void inbetween the areans. So it would be something like
    "/tr createarena 1" to create the whole arena
    "/tr createside 1 1" to create the first side the second "1" relates to the arena number
    "/tr createside 2 1" to create the second side msot games only have two sides but I guess you could have more than 2 for this demo I will leave it at 2!

    "/tr createvoid 1" this will create the gap between each arena if you fall down it teleports you back to the start.

    Having some signs to
    allow players to join arenas would be nice like a lobby board!

    having config to allow max players in a team etc..

    At the end of the game the arenas would regen all the old blocks and randomly palce 3 more blocks of wall!

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