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    Ok, Hi guys!

    This is my first post here before, but me and my buddies had a GREAT idea for a plugin, which I think could really make a server become recognized. We were talking about the Purge film and we were thinking, why has no one made a plugin yet?! It would work like this:

    A survival server, freebuild. And on one night a message pops up "The Purge Is Beginning. We Thank You For Your Cooperation." Players are then able to kill each other and steal. Just for one Minecraft night. I think this would be good because it would allow the players with a good PvP talent show their skill and it might allow less fortunate players to get better items.

    I understand many of you would hate this plugin, I know how some people like to play, I totally understand. But I think on certain servers it would just be interesting. It would also keep players playing as they would want to be online for the night.

    Thanks for reading,

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    This plugin sounds cool. I would totally download it if someone made it :D
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    Can players normally not kill each other and take their stuff?
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    Not on the survival server. No one could kill eachother or steal until the one night.

    Other commands etc. :
    /purge begin --- this will start the purge
    /purge set [timeinseconds] --- this will set the purge to start automatically
    /purge stop --- this will stop the purge before the auto ending.

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    Yeah good idea but 1 Minecraft night last only 15 mins and if people build bases far out from one another you have no chance of finding them at all so I would change that.

    When it starts the night just keeps resetting and it last for 1 hour (our time) after that it turns straight back to day and then wait until the next Purge
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    1 hour ? why not just 30 min

    also i could make this

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    I could try to make this
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    I would love to see this developed.
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    I guess I will let you guys know of the project I am currently working on as I see there is an interest in this topic.....

    I have been developing a suite of plugins for a Purge gamemode for about 3 weeks now...

    I am not sure if I plan on releasing it yet but the system I came up with is automatic with configurable purge/peace times. You could basically set it up to run a Purge every x mins/hours/days for x amount of time. I have implemented a cool points system along with some cool rules that are affected by the current gamestate.
    I plan on having the system completed in a few weeks or so...

    I really wanted to keep it secret until I release it as there is no server of this type yet!

    Here are some screenshots.


    The map for the Purge that I started:
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    I can vouch for extended_clip not only has this idea been thought of. Its already in the process of being made. With complete documentation of the gameplay, official website purchased, logo design completed, and not to mention plugins already made.

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