The Old Permissions is Dead - Switch to PEX (How-to)

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by PermissionsTeam, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Try PEX or bPerms if you don't like PermissionsBukkit.
  2. Use SuperPerms if you have basic needs, use PEX otherwise, whyyyyyyy does dead stuff need resurrecting. So much effort which you could spend on plugins/features/whatever that do not exist yet.
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    k, thanks. I'm going to test both plugins and see how far I get^^

    I've tested PEX and I'm going to use it from now. iChat (-p2) works with PEX and so far I don't miss anything.
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    Its is, give us a brake!!!

    You sir, are ignorant

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    @PermissionsTeam if you weren't some noobie trying to make his fame by resurrecting a dead plugin - you wouldn't have made an alt account just to release this one plugin.
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    I have already contacted 2shared and Github and EvilSeph regarding this infringement.
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    Well I tried to talk to you civilly and give a logical argument but clearly you're too immature to understand. Then again, what should I expect from the moron that makes NoTNT and GodMode plugins and thinks he's accomplished something.

    Let me be frank about what's going on here. You have no idea what you're doing so instead of learning, you just steal source, modify it a little and make stupid claims about "speed improvements." You have "most plugins give errors" on your bug list. Stop wasting people's time with this. You're not fooling anyone, especially not all these people way out of your league on this thread telling you to go home. This isn't going to get you famous or respected.

    You still haven't responded to Nijiko about the licensing issue.
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    @EvilSeph Hey, wanna come over here? Looks like someone has taken a plugin without the authors permissions. :D

    No, YOU are. Face it, Permissions is dead.

    Guys, move on. Nothing to see here apart from a failed attempt to resuscitate permissions

    Also, question to @PermissionsTeam - I sees you only have one plugin developer in your dev team. So what do the other 2 do? They just basking in failure glory?
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    What about Spout Support?
    -> Client side interface to manage Groups and Players would be [diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    The project is clearly going to be shut down, and you don't need to attack this person -- please hold off on the personal insults.
  12. We have the right given by the license to modify and distribute the code and binaries according the the license provided in the code.

    As for the name, the term 'Permissions' is a descriptive term for the plugin, and that cannot be trademarked effectivly if we change the name from Permissions 4 to something else, which we will.

    Anyways, it looks like we'll have to hold a meeting on continuing the project in another way that 'fits' the community.
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    Wow. I'm amazed at the way this has went down so far. I survived the transition from Hmod to Bukkit and never thought I'd see such opposition over anyone trying to keep a long running plugin like Permissions up to date. Oh well, I guess I'm headed back to PEX until it gets phased out by the next flavor of the month and everybody starts bashing it too. Good job trying though guys, for what it's worth, I support your cause 100%.

    As a Linux user I believe that the standards and rights granted by the GNU license should be respected.
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  14. We don't want to make enemies with the original developer, and while we have the right to do so, we will not use any more of his code.

    We already have a plan in motion to continue this, but if it does not work out we may have to make a tough decision.
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    I think many of us are very thankful for what TheYeti and Nijikokun have done for Bukkit and the community. I hope this all turns around somehow and goes over well for you guys. Again, good luck getting this all straightened out.
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    Guys, I don't think this is gonna happen at all.

    No offence to the dev team, but only one is a certified Plugin developer. The other 2 just seems to be spokespeople not actually doing any development.

    And as @SwearWord said, the aforementioned plugin Dev has contributed a plugin that merely adds another God plugin to the mix.

    And even if it does happen, not many will use it as I think most people who would want to use this will be using another plugin by then.
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    Nijiko has a clause. Please reread.

    And all these arguments are good an what not, but Bukkit has the right to remove threads for whatever reason they want. Usually, they honor the actual developer's wishes.
  18. @SwearWord I already talked with Nijiko on twitter about this, and we will not be using his code.
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    her* code.
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    Niji is a guy. :p
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    coulda sworn was a girl...
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    Everyone thinks he's a girl.
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    Yea, Niji's gender has and always will be a topic of debate on these forums. But, yes, he is a male.
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    Sounds good then. Guy it is.
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    his profile says 'female'...that usually helps contribute to ppl thinking you are female...
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    Could almost call it an retirement.
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    She/he's alive!
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    Another thread whittled into a fantastic confusion by our own Niji. Good work today, I salute you once again.
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