The Most Lines of Code Within A Plugin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BungeeTheCookie, Jan 19, 2014.

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    I wanted to know what plugin has the most lines of code. I was partly motivated by this to start a little competition between who has the most lines of code, but this is mainly out of curiosity. Please post how many lines of code your plugin has. Thank you!

    The List Of People Who Use Plugins With Most Lines Of Code
    xTrollxDudex - 1
    Sabersamus - 7678
    Bloxcraft - 6059
    HeyAwesomePeople - 1865
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    One of my server's plugins has 6059 lines spread through 6 packages and 38 classes.

    A package averages 1009.83 lines and a class averages 159.45 lines

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    Bloxcraft jthort
    Nice! BloxCraft, Ill start off a list with you currently having the most lines of code. If someone has more, Ill put them in front, and if someone has less, Ill put you behind :)
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    BungeeTheCookie .....lines of code means completely nothing. I could rewrite my.commandapi and quadruple and possibly.more the amount of lines in it.
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  6. Lets see here, 3 packages, 8 classes, and 1865 lines of code.
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    7678 lines of code, across 8 packages, and 70 classes

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    How 'bout Essentials?
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    That doesn't even have a line of code in it -.-
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    My API? > 50,000 lines of code spread over 74 packages each one roughly containing 63 classes.

    Basically, a crap tonne.
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    Mine -> 1 line, 1 class, 1 package.

    Oh wait: I forgot the completely count all the lines that don't really mean anything since after all its just a line -> over 100k lines, 328 packages, 98,632 classes. All junk code.
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    It's not impressive who uses the most lines, but who uses the least with the same purpose.

    More lines shows potentially worse architecture.
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    SimpleGUI API (coming soon with SimpleGUI Creator v4.0) has roughly 3k-4k lines of code. Nothing is repeated, and is built in a way that you can literally change any aspect of SimpleGUI Creator through the api, you can customize almost everything in the api and you can register your own menu handlers, menu types and such.

    SimpleGUI Creator (pre v4.0) was around 10k lines, many repeating lines of code, not very well put together, but still very fast and efficient.

    SimpleGUI Creator v4.0 (i estimate) will be around 1k - 2k lines (not including the SimpleGUI API), will be extremely efficient and will be modular(ish), It is (so far) 3 times faster then any version before it as well as more stable.
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    How does one even count this? Sure hope it's not manually. I'm sure I have quite a lot too :3
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    I don't even know how many lines ive wrote in my entire plugin but mine custom player interface/object is around
    1572 lines now but I'm starting to worry if that could be bad in HashMaps:p

    plugin with all shaded libs is: 1,55 mb but thats a bit of cheating:p
    plugin without shaded libs is: 348.03 kb:p

    but to be honest I don't feel myself a top programmer or highest of the list or something I'm just a noob figuring out java:p
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    5026 lines as of latest commit in ReportRTS.

    I by no means see this as a achievement though, quite the opposite. Goal is to reduce the amount of lines.

    Edit: PS. if you want your list to be believable, you might want to only put up people who provide source for proof. But that's up to you.
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    I did mine manually. When I posted, It was about 7k lines... I just went through all my commands again... and halfway through I was at 7k.. I didn't finish :p
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    1 class, 1 package, 1032 lines of code and not done yet, running smooth as lube.
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    CraftBook has 76006 lines of code, according to this:
    wc -l $(git ls-files | grep '.*\.java')
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    I use ungodly amounts of line breaks in my code, so any number I throw out, divide it in half. :p
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