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    Recently, me and my boyfriend decided we wanted to start a server based on The Hunger Games, but we couldn't find the plugin right for us. So i thought I would come here to ask any plugin developers if they could help me build one! I have never done this before and I don't know if this an original idea but I didn't get this idea from anyone. Please dont steal this idea!


    • Once every week (EST), there will be a reaping. Two people from each districts will compete. Volunteering is optional. The winner will move into the Victors Village from their District.
    Really I just need a plugin that can give me the reaping process including the availability to 'volunteer'. And then something that can teleport them into the arena.
    Also can people please suggest some plugins, that have already been created, that can give me the ability to:
    • Create boundaries where certain people can pass through and others can't
    • Make separate towns
    • Something that can give prefixes, ranks, etc.
    • An actual Hunger Games plugin with sponsors, an arena that refreshes, etc.
    • A mod that can randomise which town a player is put into.
    • And anything else you think would be helpful :)
    Oh and if you know of any downloadable maps of any of the districts, the capitol and any arenas, please let me know here also! :)

    Thanks so much in advance this is really helpful. I am open to all suggestions so please, don't hold back!
    - Niamh :)
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    niamhmn I like the idea to bad it's to big for me to handle
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    This is a great idea. Here are some of my suggestions:
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    Sounds interesting, but just from the title alone, it made me think of an average server with HG that decided to add an extra feature that any other server can do and say their HG is better. But your idea actually puts the HGs to use. By the sounds of it, its going to be a survival server that has a bit of a RolePlay aspect to it to fit the HGs and use the HGs for a different reason than every other server.
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    Thanks, glad you like it :)

    Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions! I already had Multiverse but the others are going to be perfect!

    Yeah, thats the idea. I want to build the districts and I actually want them to each have their own job for example, District 12 would actually mine coal and then ship it off to the Capitol and the other Districts. I kind of got a bit bored with the same old Hunger Games server so I thought about putting a twist on it.

    - Niamh :)
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    Once a week will seem like a much longer time than it actually is, and the game itself only lasts 5 to 10 minutes anyway, depending on the maps scale. Also, the volunteering would be a problem, because I expect everyone will want to be a tribute, as that is the whole point of a HG server.
  7. My suggestions :)
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    Yeah okay i get your point. Thanks I hadn't thought of it that way. Maybe if i got rid of the /volunteer and maybe i can just get some way where players choose if they want to be in the HG by warping to a place that only lets 2 of each district play?

    Thanks! These are awesome! Nobody knows a plugin that randomises a players warp location?

    - Niamh x

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