The HooDoo Minigame

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    Hoodoo is a creative work owned by its Author, last_username, under copyright law. Hoodoo may only be distributed through the links provided by the Author. Hoodoo may not be mirrored or distributed in any other way without written permission of the Author. Hoodoo is provided freely to be downloaded and installed for personal use, or private use by groups of no more than 20 people. The Author makes no claim of copyright over video recordings of Hoodoo being used as authorized. Hoodoo may not be used as part of any public service, commercial or otherwise, without written permission of the Author. Hoodoo is a trademark of the Author, last_username.
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    So you are asking someone to create a plugin for your server, exactly the way you tell them...
    You know some people get paid to do this, right?
  4. Yup.

    You are right editted.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    FutureCraft Any commands? Permissions? A description for people who can't watch the video? ( or don't want to )
  6. Permissions will be discussed in the skype conversations.

    And I am way to busy atm to make a summary of the minigame :L
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Then post one when you have time for it, with all the permissions and commands needed
  8. Told ya what my plan was in my reply.
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