The Herobrine Challenge

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: The Herobrine Challenge

    What I want: A game where players would join a game in a random world, where they would work together to collect resources and build a defense. By night, Herobrine would show himself and spawn zombies, attack players, break through defenses, etc. Meanwhile, the players would work together to fight off the zombies and survive the night. The next day they would collect more resources to build a bigger defense. Every night Herobrine and his army would become harder and stronger against the players. When all the players are defeated, the game ends and the world gets reset.

    Ideas for commands: /hbc join, /hbc leave, /hbc reload, /hbc create, /hbc setlobby

    Ideas for permissions: hbc.join.1, hbc.join.2 (etc.), hbc.join.*, hbc.*, hbc.reload, hbc.setlobby, hbc.create

    When I'd like it by: Whenever possible to code, as well I would like to test the plugin.

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