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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by M1sT3rM4n, Aug 25, 2011.

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    I need to set a global spawn for my server, instead of a spawn for just the world.
    I know that Essentials does this perfectly, however I don't want all it's other crap.
    I've tried using CommandBook's spawn features, but it sets the spawn for each world individually, and it doesn't spawn exactly.
    The same thing applies to PlgSetSpawn.

    Anybody know a plugin that sets a global EXACT spawn?
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    *cough cough*
    Write a simple plugin that does this.
    *cough cough*

    I don't know of any that set a global spawn.

    I know towny kinda does... and simplehome (if it is up to date)
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    idk hao 2 maik plugin

    But seriously, I'm too lazy >.> Maybe @codename_B wants to make one of his magic under 50 lines thingamabob.
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    i challenge you to make a plugin featuring two commands: /spawn and /setspawn
    /setspawn will set a GLOBAL spawn (so no matter what world you die in, you will respawn there)
    /spawn will take you to the spawn
    The spawn should be saved so upon restart the spawn will be the same.

    I bet many people will find this useful, and i'd really appreciate it :)
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    MySQL support? :p
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    Just in case all of us forgot, free SQL DBs:
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    Quad Core i7 2 ghz 12 GB
    AMD x4 3 ghz 8 GB

    Both running 64 bits, same problem with 32 bits
    Slow loading chunks are awefull, but they get there eventually

    BananaChunk seems to have fixed the teleporting issue, as well as making gates super smooth.

    Java 7 seems to add nothing, but it's running so what the heck...
    Was running java 6.27 before this post, checked for update just in case...
    Found 7 to be pre-release, but I felt adventurous and want to give it a go.

    Updated java on my gaming system from 6.26 to 6.27. Not much changed
    I found out that I had advanced OpenGL enabled, this caused a lot of the chunk loading lag...

    strange as I have a GT 555m, which should be more then able to handle anything minecraft could throw at it...

    Setting advanced OpenGL to off, seems to have solved the problem.
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    Thats odd. Do other severs work fine?
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    How do I put Chuck Noris in my server?
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    lol no. But seriously will you do it, or do I have to stop being lazy?
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    Sounds like you have to stop being lazy - or use essentials :p
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    Oh, I was talking to the Spout devs today, and they said they need your end to make bPerms compatible with Spout. I don't know what that means, but I figured I'd tell you.
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    Heh - not to worry.
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    I was just on GroupManager, but was "highly recommended" to switch to PermissionEx.
  17. I have faith in what Elgar will stamp out of the new GroupManager! Have high hopes in that guy! He made towny live again! =)
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    Have a question for you guys, is a plug-in required for multiple worlds? and if so which do you suggest? looking for something simple.
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    Well I just signed up on the forums today but I have run a private server for a little while and the plugin I use is WorldWarp I use that as well as Stargate to add protals to teleport between the different worlds. Its fairly basic to use other wise just type /wcreate <name> <type> <seed> to get it all set up the /wwarp <name> to go there.

    (Edit for me failing at useing a word to link a URL)

    (Edit Edit: Sorry for my lack of punctuation and many typos)
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    I was considering worldwarp and i already run stargate on my server, any other suggestions before i make a final decision?
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    Read the post above you.
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    yep looking them over now, thanks :)
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    \o/ for Ninja posts!

    Anywho I originally came to this topic b/c I have been having troubles getting my TNT to work. I'm not quite sure when it quit working one of my players just told me one day. I can currently place TNT light it and it does damage but it wont blow up blocks. I currently use Essentials as my main admin mod and have looked through the whole config file but haven't gotten it to work. I have also looked through every other config file I could find and couldn't see anything (that I hadn't already tried to change) to make it work. I'm pretty sure I'm on the newest Bukkit but I'm not positive.

    List of my other addons: BookWorm,Capture The Points, ChairCraft, Citizens, CraftBukkitUpToDate, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsGroupBridge, EssentialsGroupManager, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, Friendly, MiHomes, moreairstrike, MoveCraft, QuickSign, SignColours, Stargate, WorldEdit, and WorldWarp

    (I know I didn't need to list most of these but I did anyway)
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    Hi, do you know of any pages, tutorials, etc. that I could use to remove use of basic commands? I download all these plugins and they have a few commands that I want turned off completely. I read to just -command in the permissions.yml file. Does that work for everything? Also McMyAdmin has some stuff I want turned off. Any help is appreciated and I love that you provide a help service.

    Your Secret Admirer,
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    I have been using my own version of GroupManager(+)
    For a long time >.<

    I like using his too.

    You can find tuts on their main pages.

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    Yes, you caught me being lazy I guess. I was hoping for an answer that would cover them all, sort of a built in standard for anything bukkit. A guy can dream can't he? I shall go off to read thousands of poorly laid out help pages and report back with my findings to save others from having to do it.
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    Yeah, We here help with stuff you can't easily find help for anywhere else, you can find tuts on youtube/google/ one search on this site.

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    Hello, Is there any way to know all available commands, without checking all the plugins' document?
    And, is it possible to apply filter to the server such that users could use only allowed commands? I found plugins that could disable some, but I need to **only** allow some.
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    GroupManager get a dev build from essentials IRC.
    It allows users to only user "Permissions" or "commands" that you allow them too
    You can type /help (in game)

    It will list a few pages of commands for plugins
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