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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TimeScorpion7, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Hi, im making a minecraft server and I need the best permission plugin that is easy to use. If you know of one please tell me!!!
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    I would reccomend pex or group manager, not because they are the best but because those are the two most people use, and so you can get the most support. If you need help with either pm me. I run pex and have had no trouble. Also if you have an issue with your perms plugin don't just say it is broken and switch it is very easy to make an error and 99% of problems are user error.
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    Id recomend pex.....
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    Personally that is my preference aswell but I know some people prefer gm and bperms.
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    I like bPermissions because there is the addon bPermissionsNano which allows you to sync permission between multiple servers like in a network, which is what I have... If I didn't have a network probably PEX
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    GroupManager is the best in debugging and stability and supports a mirroring system for multiworld.
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    I actually do have multiple worlds (multiverse). WHat is the best one ofre that. pex or group manager.
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    They both work I have no preference.
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    groupmanager is better in multiworld permissions due to allowing file per world.
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    I prefer pex and never got any issues with it. I also like pex because it has only one config file.
    I made a example for a pex group layout. Maybe it helps you ^^ .

    Pex example
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