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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by blint66, Jul 16, 2014.

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  1. blint66 I see that, once again, you fail to admit the mistakes you have made and simply restate your points that have already been addressed without really responding to those answers.
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    for some reason reading this thread reminded of school days learning about the Spinning Jenny.
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    After relaxing a little, I deduced the following points from this crazy thread:
    • I may have not been told something that make me not understand what you (conservative guys) are explaining me. In this case, unless you're giving me details I cannot acquire alone, the debate isn't supposed to go forward.
    • You obviously don't want to improve the current situation. Even using mathematical justifications that prove the correctness of one of my suggestions with a bad-case scenario comparing today's situation and the possible one, you keep rejecting the ideas with the very same eternal unacceptable argument: "you're wrong". At least try to mathematically contradict what I say before pretending you're some maths boss.
    There's no use helping enraged sick people that convinced themselves they were perfect. If everybody is happy like that here, it's wonderful you met because this results in a community that actually lives. Now I spotted issues from my outsider point of view here and attempt to bring help but I keep being bitten. No need to repeat anymore, I won't help on all this anymore.

    Special words to TnT :

    I'm just amazed by the time you actually felt necessary to spend on this thread, and I'm quite humbled by your participation, even if it obviously was a strategy to kill an idea you don't like with countless words with no actual precise justification. In fact I'm myself not very precise: you were countable, and I would feel bad if you'd have thought I didn't read you; I just can't answer you properly because I technically don't have time for this. But I made you some honor that also puts in evidence the moment you felt in danger (why by the way?) by this thread:


    I obviously haven't taken posts quotes into account here, but anyway (not) thanks to have brought 4503 words to this thread! On a high basis of 40 words per minute, you've spent approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes of pure typing here, which is huge. I'm touched, really :rolleyes:

    Thanks for having killed an opportunity to save BukkitDev and its secure spirit.

    Edit: I'm not going to reply to any more post assuming criticizing statements that are not either at least justified by a quote, a proof or an example scenario; because most of such posts are worthless.
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    blint66 ONE of your suggestions? You only have one suggestion - an alternative way to upload files to DBO and approval process for it.
    So far you have:
    • Insulted every single bukkit staff, people that had replied in the thread, and the community as a whole.
    • Self-claimed being expert despite having no actual proof to back it up.
    • Failure to reply to counter arguments by either stating "I don't have time to read this", "I know better, I'm an expert", and similar.
    • Constantly changing suggestions, then claiming that people fail to read what you say (seriously, look at your suggestion at page 1, and page 4, they are COMPLETELY different.
    • Staying vague, used as a counter point to counter-arguments saying along the lines of "no you got me all wrong"

    It takes a special kind of arrogance to claim your obviously flawed, vague and not actually that effective at all, somehow "saves the day" despite the fact that even if there was no flaws in your argument, all you did is provide an alternative way to the approval system, and the fact that the only drawback of the current approval system is the rather long approval time.

    Your posts are filled with attempts to annoy, insult, and recursive arguments rather than explanations, data, and examples. Your only attempt to actually present a model is instead poked holes at, which you patch with insults rather than data.

    Had you started the thread with actual, useable, model, while explaining how every part is supposed to work, it may had ended up different. As it stands, you are just throwing patch work and insults, all while claiming to be the messiah of the community, right from the first post.
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    I really hope that what you deduced was "I really don't understand how BukkitDev works or what the problems are, so I really don't understand how to fix it." Lets read on and find out!

    No, you don't know the whole story, but when I attempted to explain it, you ignored me. Also, your mathimatical justification was pulled out of thin air based on figures that you just guessed on.
    But, I can see you've resorted to throwing out inflammatory pictures. Perhaps if I do the same for you, this will get through to you, since my words have not?
    There you go again, missing the point. No one is convinced BukkitDev is perfect, but what you suggests makes BukkitDev worse, not better. You were never helping to begin with: I have yet to see you actually throw in an application to get in the trenches of BukkitDev, and really attempt to learn the situation. All I have seen so far is suggestions based on incorrect assumptions, logical fallacies and incorrect mathematical "proofs". When this is pointed out, you get upset and leave for 10 days, or come back with hilarious graphs that depict how hurt you are that your bad ideas aren't immediately put into place. It is unfortunate your feelings are hurt buttercup, but this is reality, not your parents house. Your ideas actually need merit to be implemented.

    One sec, I need to get prepared.

    You're welcome. Now if only you would listen to people who have experience with these ideas. Did you once ask "Has this been tried before?" before assuming you know best? Of course you didn't. Am I supposed to sit here and outline 3 years of how BukkitDev has ran, when you don't listen to any of the counter points I made? Had you taken a step back, even once, and thought "I am ignorant of the situation, I don't know what really needs to happen, nor can I make judgement calls myself on what is good for this community. Perhaps I should re-read everyone's posts that don't agree with me and try to figure out where my knowledge is lacking." perhaps we would have been happy to explain in further detail. Had you thought "I should get involved and learn what they do first before making wide accusations and suggestions based on my very limited assessment of the situation" we may have been willing to aid you in getting involved. Instead what you did was stomp your feet and get angry every single time your ideas were rejected. You still came back and decided to make this pointless thread, that instead of attempting to counter the facts presented. You again just stomped your feet, stuck your fingers in your ears and "la la la"ed your way to a more ignorant future. If you didn't understand a long time ago in this thread, I wasn't posting to try to get through to you - I knew that was hopeless, your ego wouldn't allow it. I was posting to make sure that whomever else came along didn't make the same folly you did. The folly you made? Assumptions. You assumed you knew the answer to the situation. You assumed we couldn't possibly have thought of these ideas before. You kept assuming you were right based off the idea in your head, not based off any experience, facts, or evidence. In this, you failed from the very first post you made.

    That opportunity still exists, just not with your misguided ideas.

    While I have been entertained in these futile attempts to explain the real situation to you and attempting to guide you toward evolving your incorrect assumptions in the hopes of coming up with a better system, it looks like you've jumped the shark and just wanted to resort to attacking me, instead of debating the ideas. Even your graph doesn't represent anything more than your own anger at your own inability to have a debate. If you read my posts, none of them contain anger, they only contain frustration at attempting, time and time again, to get the most basic principle through to you. I will be frustrated no more, for I now understand the most basic truth in this whole thread. You refuse to get involved. You refuse to dedicate your time to learning how things work. Back to the first thing I said in this reply: "I really hope that what you deduced was "I really don't understand how BukkitDev works or what the problems are, so I really don't understand how to fix it." Lets read on and find out!". Darn, I guess not.

    You sit back, toss an idea at others, state "I know more than you" and get upset when they counter your arguments. As such, I'll leave you with:

    Locked. This discussion has been derailed quite enough.
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