Thanks for the 1.1 update Bukkit!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by andrewkm, Jan 12, 2012.

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    the same happens to me when a player joines they keep falling through the void then the server crashes please any help someone if a player cant even use the server whats the point
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    Thanks andrewkm, i'm having a look right now. NoLagg has this chunk unload delay that I like. My server hardware is a laptop i have laying around with 4 GB of RAM in it, so the more chunks I have in memory the better. I'm hosting a world online through hamachi using a some what crappy wireless connection to the net, never the less with a maximum player count of 4 it kind of works. I'm also running Bukkit on a ramdrive, makes it really fast!
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    I understand. Im extremely new to all this, and feel a little clueless.
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    I found out the problem was spout if your using it update it
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    ok thnx so update sprout and i though it was sprout
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    oh i know i dont use spout but i do use nolag, worldedit ,worldguard, anti-xray ,and orbfuscator and they all dont work with the new snapshot so im just gona wait.

    was kinda freeking out when it seemed like my world broke and i had no backup cause its a new server. i fixed it by removing those plugins 1 by 1 after reading the java errors in terminal only to find that the most important plugins didnt work so i downgraded and deleted all the data to those plugins now its working :)
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    Hold on World Edit And Factions, ETC Still Works
    Just Don't Use Spout Or NoLagg or any plugin that edits the seed itself.
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    Spout has a dev build compatible with 1.1 at
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    Im just gonna hold off on spout until the reccomended build, and spout updates. Everything I try with spout just makes my server worse. That is, since the 1.1 update.
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    Spout is fine - running 1772 at the moment and spout 687
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    has craftbukkit updated from 1597 and if so i cant get the download and where do i get it manually.
    if craftbukkit hasnt updated when will it?
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    Ok, now it's working.
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