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    There's three plugins I'd like, but even if you only make one, I'd be incredibly grateful. If any of these already exist, please link me! :)

    Plugin 1, primary: A plugin that lets players use custom signs made by admins that are personal chests to anyone who clicks them. Like not actually storing items to THAT sign, but a sign that everyone can use to access their personal one of that specific sign name. So basically a sign that says "Chest 1", and when a player right clicks it, it opens their "Chest 1", ect. (Note, I'd also like for admins to be able to access any specific player's specific chest.)

    Plugin 2, secondary: A plugin that allows me to select a region that resets back to it's original state every 'x' minutes, and outputs a message in the chat for everyone to see 1 minute before it is reset to warn them. I'd like for this message to be configurable for each area I've created. Optional, but I'd love to be able to select these regions with WorldEdit if possible.


    Plugin 3, A plugin that allows me use a command while holding an item give it a special on hit effect. Such as making it so that when I hit someone with a rotten flesh that I used this plugin on, would give them Wither 1 for 8 seconds if I were to write that as the command. Optionally, I'd really like to be able to configure the color of the name and lore, and have the ability to clone the item normally to give to someone else, and it have the same effect.
  2. ChestBanks? 1st one
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    CraftBook does this.
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    -Select with worldedit
    -Custom message
    -x minutes
    -Resets back
    -Configurable for each area
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    Chest Keeper is an awesome plugin to use for virtual chests. You have a choice of manually creating signs for players to use to open chests or using a command. Or you can even use both :) May be for 1.7.4, but i still use it and its fine :)
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    No, actually it doesn't. I tried it, and when trying to add a "Command Item" there is no wither effect, nor can you even give potion effects to players at all.

    Does not work.

    I'd also prefer a plugin with just this feature.

    Thanks though
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    Yes it does, you can run the "/effect" command as the console with the target being the player hit by the item. You can disable all other features of the plugin.
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    Thank you! Works perfectly!

    I tried giving it the effect /effect give @d 20 2 10 Which is wither II, and it didn't work for crap. It was assigned to left click on a brick from PLAYER.

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    Since when is "give" in the /effect command?
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    My bad, but would that work without the give?
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    Is there a way that I could make armor that gives potion effects to the wearer?

  14. GiraffeRaging
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    Not yet but it is planned.
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    I dont want people to have to make their own chest that they can access in different places, I just want signs that people can click to open up that chest. So if I were to create a sign-chest called "Chest 1", everyone's Chest 1 data will be saved and their stuff will be there if they ever use a sign CREATED BY AN ADMIN that opens "Chest 1"
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    I'm aware of the /pt command, but that's based on the player, not the item, so I could just give a spider eye a poison effect then hand it to someone and expect it to work.

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    It binds a command to that instance of the item, I'm pretty sure OP wants it globally.
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    It didn't work.
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    Make sure the command you used works normally from the console (If you have it set to run from the console). Pastebin your command-items.yml file.
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    Okay, I immediately noticed two problems. Firstly, you have it set that when you left click air, and are referencing the clicked entity.

    Secondly, you have made it require a lot of items to be in the inventory

    - WOOD_AXE
    - SIGN
    - MONSTER_EGG:90
    - NAME_TAG|Grumm
    - POTION:16422

    Make that consumed-items: [], and click-type: ENTITY_RIGHT
    Note: That will only allow it to work on right click. If you want it to work on either click, use ENTITY_EITHER


    Also, run-as: PLAYER
    That means the player must have permission for the command. Either use SUPERUSER or CONSOLE, depending if you want it to be ran as the player or console. SUPERUSER allows all permissions, meaning permissions don't matter in the command.

    Also, I believe it's /effect @d, not /effect give @d
    Make sure to test the command first
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    Thanks, it somewhat worked but firstly, it works with ANY piece of beef. I just wanted it to work with only this one.

    Secondly I made it super-user, yet non-ops can't use it.
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    Have you given non ops the permission node to use command items? It's on the wiki.

    Also, for it to only work on that piece of beef there needs to be a way to tell between it and others, like renaming it or adding lore.

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