TF2/RPG Item drop AND Tiered Items Plugin! ! ! (For A Huge Up-And-Coming Server)

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    Hey, My name is Bryan from The Colony Minecraft Server and we are looking for a custom plugin to be built that we could use on our server! :)
    There is only one similar plugin at the moment (Strange Weapons)​
    Which includes some features we need, though we will need many more categories and details with the plugin.​
    The basis is a Team Fortress 2 like Item system, there will need to be different classed items, Crates and Keys, Item drops and possibly particle effects for rare weapons (Although its not mandatory) Basically there will be 5 classes of tiers to Items, Regular, vintage, Strange, Genuine and Unusual.

    Regular : Regular items will have a yellow name and will simply be normal items in game with no special effect or add on, simply the text will need to be changed to yellow for all crafted and dropped items etc that are "regular."

    Vintage : Vintage Items are Regular items that have been kept for an extended period of time without being used, so lets say a player owns a pickaxe for 3 months and never uses it but keeps it in his inventory. After the time has clocked over for 3 months the Title from "Pickaxe" in yellow symbolizing a regular pick. Would change to Blue text saying "Vintage Pickaxe." This only applies to all weapons, armor and tools.

    Strange : Almost exactly like the Plugin I explained before (Strange Weapons) Strange weapons are classed by and Orange label and the word Strange, eg: "Strange Diamond Sword." These items are only obtained by Crates aka Chests. The special ability about these weapons are that they keep record of the amount of kills with them and are listed in the items description. If possible the Strange weapon could change names as it levels up through the skills. For example 100 kills it's renamed to a " Lethal Strange Sword" then 200 "Insane Strange Sword" etc.

    Genuine : Genuine Items are special holiday items or any type of specially classed Items that can be created then dispersed via a shop or plugin etc. The way that an Item is determined Genuine or not is because of when it was received. So if there's a special deal in the shop and there's a "God Sword" on sale for a couple of weeks. the first 10 buyers or people who bought it within a small timeframe receives a "Genuine" classed item.

    Unusual : Unusual items are VERY rare and are the most valuable items in game. Their prices are determined by the item themselves and Possibly by an Item particle effect of some sort (if that can be implemented). If it is possible to have a range of say 5 effects that can be applied to an unusual and when unboxed from a crate. The user receives a random item with a random effect, (only 1 effect per item). This effect can be on the item itself or on the users head or body etc. Keeping in mind the effect's is not mandatory though would be very nice to have. Since it would add further value and variety.

    Crates: Crates are special chests only obtained by random item drops. Creates would be limited to around 2-5 per week which adds on to the total item drop cap per week.If you are familiar with Team Fortress 2 you will understand this mechanic though I will explain Item drops after. Keys or blaze rods will be only purchased from the store, and these are used to uncrate the chests found from item drops. When unboxing a crate the user will put a key and a crate into a crafting bench or inventory crafting slots and the final craft will show as a "Mystery Item" only once crafted the item randomly generates and goes into their inventory. This item can either be any regular Item (Weapon, Armor or Tool), A Strange Item, a random amount of gold nuggets (3-5) or a Rare Unusual. Regular items will be around 50% chance, Strange 25%, Gold %24 and Unusual 1%.

    Item Drops : Item drops will be a random item received whilst actively in game. Items drops capp off at 10 items per week and roll over 1 week after. So if you don't collect any items for one week, Week 2 you will get 20 items. (Items only roll over for 1 extra week) The user will be alerted on screen or in chat box that they have found a new item, and it will appear in their inventory. This item can be a regular item, crate or 1 Gold Nugget. Item drops are meant to be low tier and used for simply keeping users active and creates a regular money flow. As well as supplies crates so they can be unboxed. The user will recieve one item per 30 mins - hour whilst playing and only receive items for the time they are on the server playing.

    Trading : I am not completely sure how ingame trading can work or if there are any good plugins already, though players will need to be able to trade safely and both parties to except the trade before it finishes.


    I have made a nice photo briefly explaining the system visually if its hard to understand so I will link that below. This plugin will be used on a RPG orientated server and I think it would work exceptionally with the theme! I do hope someone would be able to help us as we think this is a great idea and can be implemented in many different ways and game types.


    I would like to explain to you that our server will be very popular once launched. We have a big YouTube audience that will be playing this server. Also, we have been sponsored by QuantumServerHost.
    The plugin IS massive, and will require time to be built, but it is needed for our server to launch and become a one of a kind, creative, and game changing server. The Colony server team thanks you in advance. And perhaps we could work out a DEV position on our server if the plugin goes smoothly.

    Regards, Bryan.
  2. Plugin, quite complex and giant, if i would say.
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    It is a massive request and we will be surprised if somebody can step up to the plate to do this. We do have other options of getting this plugin made if nobody here will do it though.

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