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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by shadrxninga, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I think a good feature to be built into bukkit would be the ability as a server admin to test out other users permissions with a command like /testuser. For example for use with protection plugins so you know if you set it up right without having to edit a file then restart the server.

    In hmod I found it really annoying having to edit the users.txt to put me in the default group so I could see if I set up protection right.
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    I think what you should be asking for is that when a player is switched from one group to another with the modify command, their stuff isn't erased. (or was that fixed already in hmod?)
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    What I mean is there should be another command that admins can use which temporarily puts them in the default group( or another group) so they can test out permissions
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    yeah i second this idea it is very annoying when i put in a new plugin that i have to get someone else to test it because of my unrestricted status
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    I had the same problem too but I solved it quite easily thanks to the Command Alias plugin.

    Set up an alias that only I could run by restricting it to my username and would run as a special modifying group that would make me admin again. After that I could use /modify to change me to whatever group I wanted and /admin to get back.

    /admin [u:torrentails,o:runas=modifypermis] {
    /modify torrentails g admin
    Though I do aggre, a temporary group modification command would still be simpler eg. /tempgroup and /tempgreset
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    This is one of the features I've brought up in dev discussions and we'll most likely have something like it.
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    Cool, I will be looking Forward to it!
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    got that problem too
    one time i only made a mistake by selecting wrong and i *did not know* i deleted all users lol BIG FAIL :)
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    +1 that would be awesome.

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