[TESTING REQ] Need testers for NoLaggChunks add-on

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    I greatly improved the NoLagg chunks add-on, but I need testers. If you run a server with lots of players, I would love it if you test it out.

    NoLaggChunks can be downloaded from the NoLagg page

    Brief description:

    NoLaggChunks makes sure your server is not flooded with Chunk packets. This is done by adding an additional Buffer in between sending and actual sending. It uses Spout to listen for packets, and handles them to reduce network traffic. On top of that, you can set the player view distance and the size to pre-download when a player joins. When a lot of players move around, traffic would normally freeze your server. With the plugin this is prevented, players will see their chunks loading a bit slower instead. But chat and block changes are performed full-time, thus players can do their work without having major lag issues.

    Why I need testers

    This plugin has had a lot of issues in the past, and after major tweaking I need some feedback. I have tested this plugin on my (local) server for a long time, and everything works, but I want to be sure everything works as expected.

    I hope this section is correct, can't think of another section to request something...

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