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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Relocated, Jan 12, 2016.

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    I own a server and am trying to use TerrainControl to make awesome, custom terrains in the normal overworld. There seems to be a problem with it, somehow, though. I am actually not clear on the situation at hand and would like to have someone help me fix this, or fix it for me. All I know is that I followed all of the documentation, and it got me absolutely nowhere.

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    I would just like to add that in the folder generated by the plugin I am not seeing the things that should have been generated.

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    Well, there are no errors in the console, as much as there is a lack of folders in the plugin folder. It is supposed to open up to a worlds folder, then the world name, then some other different folders in front of that folder. It seems like there is a lack of folders generating, but here is the console anyways:
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    13.01 09:55:43 [Server] ERROR Error occurred while enabling TerrainControl v2.7.0-SNAPSHOT (Is it up to date?)
    Those are errors.
    Please post your full latest.log
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    @timtower The error for that is that I was trying different versions of the plugin to see if the one I had was glitched. It was not, but the first link I posted was for the wrong version of the plugin, I just edited the link to show the correct version of the plugin.
    OK SOMEHOW.... I tried this again and it is working flawlessly. Thanks for your help tho ;) <3
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