temporarily snow biome everywhere(never mind)

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    Plugin category:[EDIT]

    Suggested name: TempSnow

    A bit about me:I have a minecraft server and people on the server want the whole world to be a snowy biome, just because it's holidays! But I can't find any plugin that makes a temporarily snow biome everywhere

    What I want: I want a plugin that remembers where there were originally there were snowy biomes. But if you time a certain command it would make it snow across the whole server. But when it's about January/Februari I want to remove all that snow and the snowing all the time effect, so I just type a certain command to stop it and melt all the snow that is outside of the original snow biomes

    Ideas for commands:
    /tempsnow on (this will make it snow in the whole world AND make snow(not the blocks, just the little ones) spawn
    /tempsnow noweather (this will make it snow in the whole world BUT won't make it snow(weather))
    /tempsnow weather (this will make it snow(weather) again)
    /tempsnow off (this will stop the snow(weather) and despawns the snow blocks that where placed by the plugin outside of the snowy biomes)

    Ideas for permissions:
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    This isn't possible,because snow only generate in a biome for snow,in all other biomes it will only rain.But you can let it "snow" with a command from worldguard /snow [radius].

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    thx for the quick response. OK i guess... but what is the best plugin to use to remove it all?
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    I believe in worldedit with his command /thaw [radius].Check all commands on the wiki: Click
    And sorry,i meaned the pluign WorldEdit not WorldGuard :)

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    thx, so there is no way just to make the snow(weahter) effect, not even with spout?
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    Hmm yeah.Also with Spout+Spoutcraft it isn't possible(yet?)

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    ok thx, for the info
    btw, I'm thinking of using your spleef plugin on my server, so yeah.
    until next time?..
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    Its not mine plugin,its from the developer MaxKalus.I'm only one of the documenters,helping him out with some guides and explantions.


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