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    I want this plugin to be a private warp system for players. Basically what it would do is let each player set a certain amount of warps that only they can warp to.(Example: 5 for default, 10 for VIP, and unlimited for MVP).

    Command List(You can also use /warp instead of /go):
    /go set
    /go delete
    /go list

    What each command does:

    /go - Displays this help page.
    /go set [WarpName] - Sets a warp.
    /go delete [WarpName] - Deletes a warp.
    /go list - Lists all your warps.

    /go set
    Usage: /go set [WarpName]

    /go set [WarpName]
    Warp [name] has been set.

    /go delete(or /go remove)
    Usage: /go delete [WarpName]

    /go delete [WarpName]
    Warp [name] has been deleted.

    /go list
    --[Warp List]--
    [Warps go here]

    cwarp.set - Lets a player set a warp.
    cwarp.set.[amount] - Lets a player only set the number of warps that you replace [amount] with.
    cwarp.delete - Lets a player delete one of their warps.
    cwarp.list - Lets a player list their warps.

    IMPORTANT: I would VERY much like to have the source code if anyone decides to create this, as I would put it on my server and would need to update it. Thanks!

    (This idea came from MCPVP(mcpvp.com)

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