[Teleportaion] Warping Plugin [Really NEEDED!] (kJustGo)

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    Plugin category: TP, Fun, Admin

    Suggested name: GOTO

    What I want: I want a private warp system for my raid server, and i am sure about that many raid/Hardcore/MCTeams Servers want this plugin
    Its just lik a home plugin but you use /go insted
    It is kinda like MCPVPs kJustGo

    Ideas for commands:

    Msg back:
    /go set [warpName] - Set a warp
    /go delete [warpName] - Delete a warp
    /go [warpName] - Warp
    /go list - List your warps

    /go set
    Msg back:
    Usage: /go set [warpName]

    /go delete
    Msg back:
    Usage: /go delete [warpName]

    /go list
    Msg back:
    ***Warp List***
    [Warps would be here]

    /go set [warpName]
    Msg back:
    Warp 'test' has been set.

    /go delete [warpName]
    Msg back:
    Warp 'test' has been deleted.

    Ideas for permissions:
    Goto.set.<TheNubers Of goes you can set>

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible
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    Thanks you!! <3
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