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  1. Plugin category: Mechanics ?

    Suggested name: BowTeleport

    What I want: I have seen a plugin similar before, allowing you to craft a bow that shoots enderpearls, or shoots and arrow, and teleports you to the landing location. But I want to be able to give players this on their join of my hub server.

    I use CustomJoinItems for my server, giving players items that can run commands.. I want to somehow give this to players when they join, and it can teleport them around the hub.

    Maybe there can be a config allowing you to rename the bow, set the lore, and set the slot it appears in? That would be helpful.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin. ( I don't think ) But if there is a config, then /bowteleport reload or /bt reload

    Ideas for permissions:
    • bowteleport.use - allows a player/group to have the item when they spawn or join the server
    • bowteleport.reload - allows a player to reload the config

    When do I want it by?: Whenever, this seems like a complex plugin and it would take time to make..
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  3. Onlineids
    Also, those plugins aren't updated.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Not updated doesn't mean not working
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  5. timtower
    They do not meet what I want. Am I able to give players the item when the join the server, via CustomJoinItems or anything?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I don't know, didn't open the link, it also depends on the plugin if you can give them
  7. timtower Tested TeleportBow on a local server, using a normal bow throws console errors (doesn't really matter on a hub server) and I really don't like the shift and fire, or the usage delay..
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    Those errors are a problem with how you set it up or conflicting plugins. It worked on my test server and I used custom join items and gave it to me upon joining also use nodrop to prevent players from dropping it.
  9. Onlineids CustomJoinItems can prevent players from dropping it.

    I just wanted a plugin like this for 1.7.2, with the name Teleport Bow, a different lore, not having to shift to fire, not having to wait, etc.. It's complicated but I don't really like how this plugin is.
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    So because of a few minor things this plugin doesn't have you want someone to create a completly brand new one. Well good luck
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    Now I may have a crack at this. The way I would do it is just use a bow in general but if in CustomJoinItems you can set a name then I can add a name. Then you could also add the infinity enchantment, maybe? And then when they fired the arrow when it hit it would remove the arrow and teleport the player there. Shouldn't be difficult, also if you can't add it in CustomJoinItems I can add it on player join.
  12. itzrobotix Please make it! :)

    You can set a bow in general if you would like, since it is my lobby server (hub)
    Can you just give it the name Teleport Bow, in any color?
    Also, infinity II would be nice, to make it unique. :)
    You can just set it to give it to a player on join, can you make a configurable slot though, so it doesn't interfere with my customjoinitems slots?
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    It would just give it in the next available slot.
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    Ok I believe it is done. tylerthecreeper1

    bowteleport.have: Gives it on join to the player.
    bowteleport.use: Allows the player to teleport.

    Will display information about the plugin, no permission, may I just ask you don't block this command please :)

    Info: Will act as a normal bow, when fired the arrow will launch and when it hits if the player has the permission it will teleport the player to wherever it hit and play a teleport sound and the will not run out of arrows as the bow they receive is infinite. Ask me to request anymore features.

    Code: If you wish to check it for bad things put in the code or would like the code as a source, inform me and I will post it.
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    I thougt there was a plugins for more errows and if you find it try the teleopert errow
  18. itzrobotix Thanks! Appreciate it!

    Tried to load it and got an error, your main class could not be found.
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    If this isn't solved by tomorrow at 4, I'll write up the code it'll be easy enough. I've done it in my rpg skills private plugin
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    quick question, are you using pex? or a different permissions system?
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    What version of CB are you running? Startup log please.
  22. AndyMcB1 I'm not installing a plugin again that doesn't work.

    Try reading the post before replying, thanks.

    Lorinthio I'm using group manager on the server it will be on.
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    Okay fair enough, please answer my first question too.
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    You could try the following, unless you only want them to get the bow when they join:
    1. Install VariableTriggers, CustomItems (NOT CustomItemsApi), and a kits plugin (VariableTriggers is for when your kits plugin doesn't give you a kit upon joining. There are probably other plugins that would allow you to have a command run whenever a new player joins.).
    2. Following the instructions on the CustomItems page, make a bow which shoots Teleport arrows.
    3. Using VariableTriggers, make it to where a command is run, giving the player the item when they enter a certain area.

    1. You don't have to have a kits plugin.
    1. By setting a variable (i.e. $<playername>.joinCount), you can use an if statement to only give them an item when they first join. Please note: the trigger would have to be a Join event trigger, and it would have to add 1 to the joinCount variable.
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    Removed posts.
    tylerthecreeper1 Flaming is not the way to get something you want. If you have a problem with a post, report it.
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    Bukkit is so amazing. A thread post a moment ago. 28 reply..

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