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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Suggested name: DonationWarps

    What I want: First off, the name is first thing that came to mind. Easy enough to recreate another ideas, and I am open to any suggestions.
    To the plugin, I would like to have a plugin in which someone can type a command and teleport to a certain point. I would use Essentials warps and setup an alias for them, but I would like a separateplugin that doesn't list the warps in the Essentials Warplist. I would like users to type /command <rankname> and have them teleport to a certain point in my "extras" world that has signs that show what is included in the rank that they have just teleported to.

    Ideas for commands: /tpr <rankname>



    Ideas for permissions: No need for any perms as I wish that any use can use this command.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Should pretty simple just don't have time on my hands right now.
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    Doing it Ranks.jar?dl=0

    The config is used for storing some data, don't edit it. I'll let the plugin.yml explain the rest:


    tpr list:
    usage: /tpr list
    description: Lists the donation warps.
    aliases: [tprank list, teleportrank list, teleportranklist, tpranklist, tprlist]

    usage: /set tpr <Name>
    description: Sets a donation warp.
    permission: donationwarps.set
    aliases: [settpr, settprank, setteleportrank, set tpr, set tprank, set telportrank]

    usage: /del tpr <Name>
    description: Deletes a donation warp.
    permission: donationwarps.delete
    aliases: [del tpr, deltprank, delteleportrank, del tprank, del teleport rank]

    usage: /tpr <Name>
    description: Teleports the user to a donation warp.
    aliases: [tprank, teleportrank]


    default: op
    description: Allows the use of /set tpr

    default: op
    description: Allows the use of /del tpr

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    RW_Craft Vacation is good but holy shit man <3 much love.
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    @rw_craft The plugin has errors. "The name must be 1 word" after every command.
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