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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by bruceweed420, Jan 14, 2016.

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    I've been trying to use this, unfortunately it seems bugged or just no longer usable due to "invalid buy formula" or an invalid sell formula. I need something just like this or close enough to use on my server around spawn for shops on my server. I liked this shop simply because it allowed me to add all the items from inside my server (all the tekkitmain items) to be sold. That or if someone knows where I am going wrong that would help too.

    Tekkit version: 1.2.9g
    cauldron or forge or whatever its supposed to be lol. I run bukkit plugins on a tekkit server if that helps.
    Minecraft version 1.6.4

    Also if anyone knows of a way to get votifier to work on the server too that would be great. I've tried everything and googled mah butt off and found nothing that helped. I LITERALLY tried EVERY version there was of votifier. (votifier2 doesn't have any listeners it seems like, and I BARELY got that to even work. Plus there aren't any reward giving vote list plugins that work with it on my server either.

    That or if someone can manage to make it work either way would be great lol on both votifier and the shop plugin. if someone can change the plugin for the shops a little to actually work would be great. If you already have it working like I do using listbuilder let me know how you got the tekkit items to register for sale?

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