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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Durakken, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Ok i'm looking for a map plugin that works well on a fragnet server using bukkit and MCMyAdmin

    I like the way Tectonicus looks but it seems you can only run it from a dedicated machine or a home machine, but while I was was looking around for map renderers i saw Tectonigrated as well and it looks like it doesn't need the command line but I'm not sure and I'm not sure how to set it up.

    Am I right in assuming that if I install Tectonigrated I can use Tectonicus on a VPS (i think that's the term) server?
    Also, Am i right in assuming that you only install the Tectonicus.jar in the tectonigrated plugin folder, and not in both the plugin folder AND the tectonigrated folder?
    Further, what is the minecraft jar that I am supposed to use with this set up?

    Having all that asked I am still looking for a good map.
    Dynmap seems to mess up constantly and doesn't allow you to pull out and see the whole map
    BananaMapRenderer is either eating my RAM, I don't understand what it is doing enough to tell if it's buggy or not, and it is kinda funky with rendering.

    I'd prefer a once a day scheduled render that I can force if i want and while i prefer isometric i'm not all that against flat... if Tectonicus/Tectonigrated doesn't work is there a good map renderer that will do that?
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    Hi, Tectonicus has to have OpenGL acceleration or something of the sort, meaning you can not run it on headless machines (ie a VPS) without installing various desktop packages. Tectonicus also uses a ton of hard disk space unless you limit the render depth, so if you don't have the resources for it, you're best bet is to use a regular isometric renderer.
    I've actually never seen Tectonigrated but I assume it will have the same requirements, but you can try it anyways.

    I'm not familiar with how Fragnet hosts their Minecraft servers, but as long as you have FTP you can render maps of your server. What I do is have a VPS download our maps via FTP (like wget -r ftp://ftp-username:ftp-password@server-address/world - this is a recursive download that will get your whole world directory) and then render a map using mcmap, from there it uploads the cartographs to our website. That way it keeps the load of creating maps away from your Minecraft server and website. You can make a very simple shell script to do this and schedule it with crontab easily. I'm not sure if mcmap supports this but I do know that Cartograph can render a full isometric map with a Google Maps-like view so you don't have to download full-sized maps, this can be useful when your world is very large.

    If Fragnet gives you your own VPS environment I still suggest mapping remotely, because rendering maps sucks up a ton of resources and will most likely lag your Minecraft server. You can pick up a $5/month VPS from AlienVPS that will get the job done easily, that is what I use. Heck, you can probably pick up an Abduction plan and not worry about paying monthly.

    You can look at my mapping page for examples. Hope this answers your questions!
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