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    allows for teams to be created on a server or multiple servers allowing for team based PvP, the teams will be able to span across multiple servers. Each server has team areas, war times, spawns, points that are configured and any servers connected to each other through this allows chat, teamchat and global messages to be forwarded to all connected servers.

    Download link will be here when there is an acceptable release

    Commands I am working on:
    -spawn(done) (/spawn)

    -teamlist(done) (/teamlist)

    -msgall(done) (/msgall [msg])

    -msg(done) (/msg [player name] [msg])

    -playerlist (/playerlist)

    -reloadteamsmp (/reloadteamsmp)

    -reloadall (/reloadall)

    -war (/war [command])
    -start (/war start)
    -end (/war end)
    -enable (/war enable)
    -disable (/war disable)
    -set (/war set [start time] [end time])
    -help (/war help)

    -teamsmp (/teamsmp [command])
    -create(done) (/teamsmp create [team name])
    -delete (/teamsmp delete [team name])
    -add (/teamsmp add [player name] [team name])
    -remove (/teamsmp remove [player name])
    -move (/teamsmp move [player name] [team name])
    -distance (/teamsmp distance [team name] [distance])
    -spawn (/teamsmp spawn [team name])
    -setspawn (/teamsmp setspawn [team name])
    -location (/teamsmp location [team name])
    -list (/teamsmp list {team name})
    -prefix (/teamsmp prefix [team name] [player prefix] [captain prefix])
    -invite (/teamsmp invite [host name]:[port]
    -uninvite (/teamsmp uninvite [host name]:[port]
    -help (/teamsmp help)
    -makecaptain (/teamsmp makecaptain [player name])
    -removecaptain (/teamsmp removecaptain [player name])
    -msg (/teamsmp msg [team name] [msg])
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    That's awesome :D
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    its actually something that i wrote for hMod but never released (without the connected servers though)

    though i am doing a complete rewrite and am still setting up the framework, so this might take a little time to get a working version for a single server, then work on connecting servers
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    Take your time, no one wants a crappy broken plugin ;)
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    time will be taken, especially since i am in college so not that much free time
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    Sounds pretty awesome, as said above, don't rush it :)
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    Especially since heavily command based plugins, like this, tend to be very "bug vulnerable" :)
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    yeah a lot of commands for admins, though players should really only have /teamlist,/msgall,/msg/spawn though they could have /playerlist

    also chat entries are only relayed to the rest of the team, hence why there is a /msgall
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    That's smart.

    And please include the /playerlist for normal players :) (As a default)
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    i will leave what commands that people get left to the server owner, on my server i didn't allow it so that you couldn't check who on the other team is on
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    That is a good idea, i think i will follow the progress of this plugin :)
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    This would be great for a gang war server XD
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    Yes, yes it would be :)
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    it really is, the other nice thing is configurable team damage and admin damage (both default to none), though before those can be made i have to wait for the onDamage and onHealthChange hooks (or something similar)
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    What about having a group on each server with this plugin that makes it so nobody can hurt you and you can Global chat? IDK, something like a "Monk" group that can walk around and provide certain teams with certain resources or something lol.

    Im just speculating here.
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    I think that would be something that is not automatically coded in and would have to be specified in the groups stuff.
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    easy way is just some extra configuration in the team data, ie useTeamMsg=True/False, usePvP=True/False could do it, though i am working on getting it to a decent state first
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    Crips and Bloods ^_^
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    up to server owner as well, i ran Red vs Blue

    in fact you can have as many teams as you want
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    I've been working on something similar, albeit a bit simpler, and I just released a first version. Weird timing since the hMod team just jumped ship. Oh well, it's all for the best!

    Check it out: the War hMod plugin.
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    yeah mine is a bit different, instead of war zones each player has a one they can't leave when there is no war, and the kills expand the teams zone
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    How is the development of this going ?
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