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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by bardiamgtgc, Jul 8, 2020.

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    i need a plugin that when a player joins a world they first get teleported to somewhere then select a team if team not selected gets selected randomly (with a timer) then player on team 1 gets teleported to somewhere and after that team 2 to somewhere else they also need to get an item which is a block and has a cooldown on placing
    then if they fall into the void or die by any reason they get respawned in sometime and when they respawn they also need to have the same item that they had when joined
    they need to get an item when they get on a specific block(maybe a variable for xyz on config file)
    and when they put that thing in a chest or they get a point after and game resets but points dont reset
    also if the player that has the item dies item shouldnt drop if needs to just disappear
    i know its alot but its the whole gamemode that we are making
    server is 1.8.8 and runs on spigot (its a linux ubuntu 18.04 if this info is needed)
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    Is this request still alive?
    How many members per team?
    Is the player only allowed to has this single block in his inventory?
    Wich block it is?
    What do you mean with "points"?
    should the inventory be cleared after joining the world?
    In wich time you will need this plugin?

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