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    I would like to have a team deathmatch plugin that would include the following,
    - Spawn point (where you first join)
    - Time limit for match
    - 2 signs each with their own team Ex. [Sign] [Sign]
    Gold Iron
    - The signs would teleport you to different team places
    - At the team place, chose your class then click sign and it would teleport you to that set location
    - Also at the team spawn point there would be a sign making you go back to the hub
    - Different classes would have different abilities and armour, like Team Iron would have an Iron Block as a helmet, bow power 1, infinite arrows, leather armour, etc.
    - The spawn points could get overrun like this,
    I = Iron
    G = Gold
    1 = First spawn point, etc

    1 2 3
    G G I

    So Iron cant spawn at 2 or 1 but they could overrun run it and capture it like so,

    1 2 3
    G I I

    But they CANNOT skip a spawn point like,

    1 2 3
    I G I

    And so on,
    - The teams would have their own spawn points for the sign like the I wold spawn at cords 0,0,0 for 1
    and G would spawn at 1,1,1 for 1

    How to win:
    - Eliminate all of the opposing teams players
    - Defending team to surviv until time runs out
    - Capture all spawn points

    When you die could it be displayed as,
    [team] [class] [Name] [In the colour Red - Attacking / Blue - Defending]
    And when you speak,
    [team] [name] : [message]

    Some commands would be like,
    /unite - Unite half of the teams players [donators only]
    /suicide - Suicide

    Could there also be a system that keeps the players have more attackers then defenders but only by like 10 people
    like 40 - 30 or 31 - 22
    instead of 10 - 40 90 - 1 etc.

    And when a team wins or loses, it would move on to the next hub and the next teams etc.

    I know this could be quiet a bit of work but please try to make this as lots of people could benefit from it.

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    Just so you know, there are a number of Arena Plugins on Bukkitdev and I will link you to the one I use currently:
    For capture the flag, you'd need the addon made by the same author which can be found here CTFArena
    It comes with a number of features that are configurable.

    Please let me know if you need help with it.
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    BattleArena is solo where as i want a team deathmatch / team pvp
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    with the new scoreboard features you can make and add players to teams and turn off team killing, then you can just use the command blocks to automate it, for the kits, use essentials signs + kits
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    yeah but command blocks wont work for the spawning at the different spawn points with the idea of capturing it from the opposing team
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    You asked me to help you.
    This suggestion is basicly to make my server but with different teams and maps.
    For that, I won't help.
    (which I don't usually do anyways)
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    lDucks Retired Staff

    BattleArena contains team death matches

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