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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by NetBlaze, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if a Plugin Developer that had enough free time could teach me how to create plugins. I would just like to be able to create some simple plugins on my own. Thanks.
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    Step #1 learn java, after that I'll be happy to teach you.
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    Alright will do.
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    oh lol, good luck, i had some troubles with java being my first language, had to switch to python to ease it up a bit.
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    I've already learned python. And I have been learning java for about a month now but I am guessing thats not enough knowledge to design a plugin.
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    Oh pshh, I was developing plugins, well simple ones, before I even really knew Java! Trust me, you don't need very extensive knowledge, just a basic understanding :p Well I guess it depends on the plugin.
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    I am mainly looking for someone to point me in the right direction.
  8. That gave a lot of headache to me... :p But I agree that, if you're willing to learn, you can start without knowing java first. But it helps a lot if you know any programming language. ;)
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  10. teach me as well.
    (I've learned java with the new boston)
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    If you know or have learn most of c/c++ then most of the concepts are already there. Java special sometimes handles things differently at least this is what I've learn. Even coming from C I was scratching my head. I think to be efficient you should better understand the main concepts of the language because people will use these things. Can not go straight into plugin development. I guess I should say you can sort of tell the experience of some developers versus..ones that don't know what they are doing.

    Learning takes time..its like learning to speak a different language not a pro until maybe 1-2 years. I said it like that typically it takes 5-6 years of study to learn to fluently speak a language. For full programming languages like c or java I'd estimate at least a year to code efficiently. Just what I think don't bite my head off.
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    I took approximately 2 days to know enough about java to start coding plugins... I'd try Java for Dummies, its pretty good. Another way is to just try writing something. Get eclipse, download the javadocs, and just start coding!

    Good thing to know is how to read and write files.
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    But wasn't it worth it teaching a prodigy like me? :)
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    As long as you understand Javas syntax, making simple plugins is simple..or logic based..

    Basic bukkit plugin tutorial: http://stellar.minederp.com/
    and Torrents video tutorials.

    You can explore the java docs or ask question on bukkits irc #bukkit dev on esper.net,

    Good luck!

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