Tamed mobs following you into other worlds

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Gamerdude157, Sep 16, 2014.

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    Hia guys is there any way to cancel how wolves and cats teleport to you when you chnage worlds
    is there any EntityChangedWorldEvent or something because for example if i have a dog, go to the nether i want it to not follow me there. but then wehn i return to the overworld i want the dog to still be there anyway i can do this
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    Um make it sit?
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    Making them sit won't help.
    It's been an issue since 1.3 or something.
    So far i have not been able to stope them from doing that.

    Always fun when they all TP with you when you are walking next to lava. lol
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    Zarkopafilis how do i force a wolf to sit. is it like wolf.sit()

    Bumpity bumpity bumpity bump

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    thank you S O L V E D
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