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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by MOTDgd, Dec 29, 2015.

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    We are a leading UK game advertising network. We are looking for a talented plugin coder, to join our freelance developer team for a re-release of our existing Minecraft plugin in January

    ( - our existing bukkit resource

    Job requirements:
    • Skilled in Java
    • Fluent in English language
    • Have Skype and a working mic
    • Ability to work with a small group of other devs
    • Have coded previous MC plugins before (please paste your resource links)
    Minimum age:

    Minimum work time:
    10 hours per week

    The amount is negotiable dependent on individual experience. We estimate 2-3 weeks worth of development (with future work potential).

    If you feel you meet our requirements, please post below, we would love to discuss it with you in greater detail so you gain a better understand of the task in hand.


    MOTDgd Ltd
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    Just one question. Javascript? Why?
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    My apologies, that was a mistake, it's meant to say only Java :p
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    Some info you could put there is what the minimum age requirement, minimum work time.
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    Thank you, I have done that. Please let me know if this job appeals to you. Age isn't really a massive issue, we care more about skills and experience.

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    You mean 10 hours in a week or 10 hours / day?
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    I have corrected it now, I meant per week for the duration of the project :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @MOTDgd What do you need changed about the plugin?
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    Hi Tim

    We are altering things such as:

    · Ability to change the before ad message (our end)
    . Track server IP's using the plugin (for advertiser statistics)

    For users benefit

    · Allow the on join message and watch an ad link to be disabled (at user discretion)

    · Simplified config file with easy examples (maybe on a separate file e.g. EXAMPLE config)

    · Random chance percentages for winning items

    · Only awarding users who actually saw a video ad

    · Removal of the before ad commands

    · Complete removal of break blocks option & break block reminder to simplify plugin

    · Removal of the “number of messages between reminder option”

    · Supporting more versions/make it more clear which plugin, is for which version.

    It's not too challenging a task, and we have a couple of devs here to help support this too. We just could use some extra input and creativity.

    General bug fixes, and cleaning the code would be great also.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @MOTDgd Then I wish you good luck with this.
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    Thank you Tim!

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    Hey, I can't work at this for full time but I want to help this grow by developing for it or doing the graphics work you know. I can do both, coding or motion designing/gfx designing.
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    Excellent thank you AdityaTD and your help is very welcome, and appreciated. I have sent you a PM so we can further discuss :)
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    Hi, i'm 15 years old, but my Java skills are advanced. Now, i'm writing guilds plugin, but I can find time for you, so if you want more informations about me and our cooperation.
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