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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Rich Boos, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Rich Boos


    I am trying to get the new version of MyWarp to allowing giving a warp to offline players. I have been doing some trial and error but wind up with null pointers.

    The source of the command is here:
    here https://github.com/TheE/MyWarp/blob.../taylorkelly/mywarp/commands/GiveCommand.java

    The actual command is
    /warp give richboos disneyworld

    I am thinking at line 33 if I could set Player givee to equal richboos, that the rest of the command would function. What I need help with is, how do I get the third "argument" of the above command (in this case, richboos) to be on the right side of the equals sign on line 33.


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    if the player is not online, there is no Player object (so it always will be null). Also, to get that argument (which is the 2nd one btw) do args[1]
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    Wanted to do a pull request helping, but as you use getLocation(), getWorld() and so on which isn't possible on a OfflinePlayer I stopped. But here's my start:
    1. OfflinePlayer givee = plugin.getServer().getPlayer(args[0]);
    3. if (givee == null) {
    4. executor.sendMessage(LanguageManager.getString("error.playerOffline.give").replaceAll("%player%", args[0]));
    5. givee = plugin.getServer().getOfflinePlayer(args[0]);
    6. if(!givee.hasPlayedBefore())
    7. {
    8. executor.sendMessage(LanguageManager.getString("error.playerOffline.give").replaceAll("%player%", args[0]));
    9. return true;
    10. }
    11. }
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    Rich Boos

    Thank you guys.

    V10lator, I don't see getLocation and getWorld in the linked page. Would it cause even if it was in another class file?
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    It seems like you give the Player (that you have to change to OfflinePlayer) to other classes. So yes, it will cause. I didn't check deeply enough to see if this is needed. After all it's your code so you know best.
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    Rich Boos

    Ha, oh my goodness this isn't my plugin. I couldn't program a java plugin outside of HelloWorld :p
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