Take advantage of New Potion Support in 1.8

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Willower, Sep 15, 2011.

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    This (^^) apparently is already coded into the game and works in 1.8. I'd really like to see someone take advantage of this. I'd do it myself but last I checked I didn't know java.
    My ideas for this was:
    -Have signs where users can buy the ability to use a potion (with gold ingots or iconomy creds or whatever)
    -To use a potion, you right click while holding a bukkit of milk and whatever potion effect they bought from the sign is applied.

    I don't know about balancing. Maybe you can only "hold" one potion effect at a time. Or maybe you designate what kind of potion you want to have "active" and each time you use it, it takes away the money.

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    i like it :)
    but i down t know any code but i won to cas i have an idea for an mod but i wont to create it.
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    Those potion effects are pretty lame.
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    I will work on a plugin for this using Expconomy :)
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    Can't really do anything about it. Didn't make them.
    Sweet! Thanks! What's expconomy though?
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    Experience economy maybe?

    Sounds an interesting concept, and economy based on smashing mobs up
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